6 Reasons You’ll Want To Watch “Downton Abbey” Season 7

Downton Abbey” Season 7

Downton Abbey is one of those shows that has withstood the test of time. It’s been on the air for six seasons and counting and has won countless fans along the way. Downton Abbey Season 7 is set to air in the fall, and if you haven’t already started watching, there are many good reasons why you should. In this blog post, we will enumerate six reasons why you should tune in.

“Downton Abbey” is a classic

What is “Downton Abbey”, and why should you watch it?

“Downton Abbey” is a British TV drama originally aired on ITV from 2010 to 2015. The show is set at the fictional Downton Abbey estate in England in the early 20th century and follows the life of the aristocratic Crawley family.

The show has been praised for its historical accuracy and splendidly written dialogue. It has also won several awards, including a Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series – Drama in 2013.

So why should you watch “Downton Abbey” now, when the last season ended just a few weeks ago? Here are five reasons:

The cast is returning

Season 4 of “Downton Abbey” is set to premiere on Masterpiece on Sunday, January 5th at 9 pm ET. The cast is returning, including Dame Maggie Smith (Lady Grantham), Hugh Bonneville (Lord Grantham), Elizabeth McGovern (Lady Mary), Michelle Dockery (Lady Edith), Brendan Coyle (Mr Carson), Joanne Froggatt (Mrs Hughes), Laura Carmichael ( Lady Graham) and Tom Cullen (Edmund). Here are five reasons why you’ll want to watch Season 4:

1) It’s the Final Season

“Downton Abbey” has always been a slow burn, but this is the final season, so everything coming up will have big implications. With Lady Mary and Lord Grantham expecting their first child, things will likely get pretty interesting around the Crawley household!

2) The Drama Continues

One thing that has drawn audiences to “Downton Abbey” over the years is its gripping storyline. Season 4 won’t disappoint as we follow the characters through difficult times. From Lady Mary’s forced separation from Lord Grantham to Mr Carson dealing with life after war, there will be plenty of tension and drama for fans to enjoy.

3) Audiences Can Expect More Costume Changes

One of the great things about “Downton Abbey” is that viewers can expect an abundance of costume changes from one episode to the next.

New storylines will be explored.

The final season of “Downton Abbey” is set to air on PBS in the Fall of 2016, and fans are excited. Season 7 will explore new storylines teased in the show’s sixth season.

One such storyline is the potential marriage of Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) to an American tycoon, Carson (Sam Neill). Other storylines include a love triangle between Lady Edith (Lady Sybil Crawley), Matthew Crawley (Dan Stevens), and Lady Rosamund (Lily James), as well as the return of characters like Violet Crawley (Maggie Smith) and Isobel Crawley (Anne Hathaway).

Undoubtedly, “Downton Abbey” is one of the most popular television shows, so be sure to tune in for all the excitement.

Historical events will be referenced.

1. The show begins in 1912 and follows the aristocratic Crawley family and their staff navigating life at their English country estate, Downton Abbey.
2. Events referenced in the first season include the sinking of the RMS Titanic, World War I, and the social changes that followed (e.g., women getting the vote).
3. Season 2 covers World War I and its aftermath, including a storyline about Lord Grantham’s eldest son, killed in action.
4. Season 3 covers 1920s England, including a storyline about Lady Sybil marrying an American oilman.
5. Seasons 4-6 cover 1930s England and WWII (the latter features a significant plot line involving Mr Bates).
6. After WWII ends in 1945, Season 7 takes place mainly in the 1950s, with storylines involving Lady Mary’s love life and Crawley Industries going public for the first time.
7. In 2010, executive producer Gareth Neame announced that “Downton Abbey” would come to an end after six seasons; however, it was later announced that there would be two more seasons, concluding with Season 7B in 2015 (which aired as episode 6 of Season 7).

The costumes are stunning.

One of the most popular British television series in recent years is Downton Abbey. If you have not seen it yet, you are missing out on one of the most beautifully filmed and written shows. The costumes alone are worth watching the show for! The intricate details and stunning fabrics used in each costume are amazing. Some of my favourite costumes from the show include Lady Sybil’s ball gown and Maggie Smith’s dress as Dowager Countess Crawley.

There are plenty of Easter eggs for die-hard fans.

If you’re a Downton Abbey fan, there are plenty of Easter eggs for you in the new season. From references to past characters and events to little nods to the series fan base, here are five of our favourites.

1. Matthew Crawley is wearing a pocket watch from his father, Charles.

2. In one scene, Lady Mary can be seen reading The Times while standing next to a poster for a play by William Ivory entitled “The Scandal at Merton.”

3. Cora finds herself consulting an astrology chart in one scene and later follows up with an appointment with her favourite horoscope writer, Mrs O’Leary.

4. When preparing for the upcoming entailment hearing involving Sybil Crawley and her brother-in-law Matthew Trentham, Mr Carson uses advice from Sybil’s lawyer friend Lady Buxton in law books borrowed from Thomas Barrow’s office library.

5. In the Season 3 finale, Lord Grantham meets with his old friend Colonel Cromwell about business matters at Downton Abbey – just days before Cromwell is assassinated on King George V’s orders in real life (the events of which were dramatized in the ITV miniseries “The White Queen”).


As a big fan of historical dramas, I was excited to see the announcement that “Downton Abbey” would return for the seventh season. Season seven has been highly anticipated, and many rumours about what will happen in the new episodes. If you haven’t watched it yet and are curious about all the buzz, I strongly suggest you do so before the series concludes on Sunday night.

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