Ajax September 10, 1980: The Day The World Changed Forever

 Ajax September 10, 1980, a small programming language called Ajax was released to the world. Ajax would change how the web was built, and people interacted with websites. It’s hard to overstate just how far-reaching Ajax’s impact has been. This blog post will look back at Ajax’s history and explore some of its most famous applications. We’ll also discuss how you can use Ajax today to improve the quality of your website experiences.

The Ajax Gun

The Ajax Gun was a devastating weapon that changed the course of world war I. Developed by American inventor Claude C. Aiken; the gun used an unconventional firing mechanism that relied on recoil and air pressure to hurl projectiles great distances. The Ajax Gun proved devastatingly effective in battle, quickly ending trench warfare and leading to a decisive victory for the Allies.

The Bombing of the Airplane

On September 11th, 2001, terrorists attacked the United States by bombing two of the country’s airliners. The attacks killed almost 3,000 people and fundamentally changed America as we know it.

The Aftermath of the Attack

On September 12th, 1996, an event took place that would change the world forever. That day, a terrorist organization known as Ajax detonated a bomb in the heart of Oslo, Norway. The bombing killed seven people and injured over 100 others. It was one of the most destructive attacks to ever take place on Norwegian soil.

The aftermath of the attack was devastating. Losing loved ones shattered families, and a city that had once been bustling with life was now in shambles. The bombing also forced Norway to face its fears head-on and develop new security measures to protect itself from future attacks.

Oslo has never been the same since that fateful day nineteen years ago. However, the city has found ways to move forward despite the tragedy. Today, Oslo is a thriving metropolis constantly expanding and improving its security measures to keep its citizens safe.

Response to the Attack

On September 17, 2005, a group of young men affiliated with al-Qaeda struck the United States’ homeland. The attacks, which killed nearly 3,000 people and injured over 6,000 more, were the deadliest terrorist attack in American history.

The response to the attacks was instantaneous and overwhelming. President George W. Bush declared war on terror, and the country mobilized for what would come to be known as Operation Iraqi Freedom. The entire world came together to mourn those lost in the attacks and support the United States as it moved forward in its fight against terrorism.

The Future of Security

Security is a big issue for both businesses and individuals. There are many ways to secure data, and it can be hard to decide which is the best for your situation. Ajax September, however, changed everything.

Ajax September was the first major event where Ajax was used extensively in web development. The release of this new technology fundamentally changed how websites were built, forever changing how security was approached.

For businesses, Ajax September made it possible to create more dynamic websites that were more responsive and user-friendly. This change made it easier for customers to navigate your website and find what they were looking for.

Ajax also allowed developers to create more secure websites. Previously, websites were built with static content and no interactivity. This made them vulnerable to attacks that target static content. With Ajax, however, developers could create interactive websites that are much more difficult to attack.

Ajax September was a major event that changed how we think about security online. It opened up new possibilities for web development and made it much harder for attackers to penetrate our defences.


On September 10, 1980, a young winger named Ryan Giggs made his professional debut for Manchester United in a match against Stoke City. The game was historic not only because it was Giggs’ first appearance but also because it marked the beginning of a new era in which Manchester United would become world champions three times in four years. In this article, we look back at that fateful day and celebrate the memories of one of football’s most iconic dynasties. Thank you for following along!

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