Al Pacino’s Son Anton James Pacino Chooses NYU Over Harvard

Al Pacino’s son, Anton James Pacino, has announced his plans for the future, and it doesn’t involve attending Harvard University. Pacino, 18, will instead attend New York University (NYU) in the fall. The talented young actor announced on Instagram on Sunday. “I’m happy to announce that I will attend New York University!” Pacino captioned a picture of himself with his new school ID. The decision by Pacino comes after much speculation about his future. After graduating from high school in 2016, he was widely considered a contender for the Rhodes Scholarship, awarded to students who have distinguished themselves academically at the top level of their field of study. However, he chose not to apply and instead put his focus on his acting career. Pacino is the youngest son of Al Pacino and Robin Givens. He has two older brothers – Timothy Moses Pacino and Christopher Michael Pacino – and a half-sister named Hannah Louisa Pacino.

Anton Pacino has announced that he has chosen to attend NYU over Harvard University

Al Pacino’s Son, Anton James Pacino, has chosen NYU over Harvard University. Pacino, who will be a junior at the prestigious university, confirmed his decision in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. “It feels like home,” said Anton James of his choice. “I grew up in the area and I’ve always felt very connected to NYU.” The son of one of Hollywood’s most legendary actors is following in the footsteps of his father, who also attended NYU before embarking on an illustrious career in acting. At 21 years old, Anton James is already an accomplished actor and musician, appearing in stage productions such as Don Quixote and Che: Part II.

The Academy Award-winning actor and son of Al Pacino has always been interested in acting but decided on a career when he was older

Growing up, Al Pacino’s son Anton James Pacino always had an interest in acting. However, he decided on a career when he was older and took some classes at the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute in New York City. After investigating various options, Pacino decided on NYU over Harvard and began his studies there in 2008. While attending NYU, Pacino starred in several stage productions, including “The Normal Heart” and “God of Carnage”. In 2011, he made his feature film debut in “Righteous Kill”, which was well-received by critics. Recently, Pacino has appeared in films such as “The Revenant” and “Sicario”. 

Pacino plans to study theater at NYU and become an actor himself

Al Pacino’s youngest son, Anton James Pacino, has decided to study theater at NYU over Harvard. Anton credits his father for inspiring him to pursue a theatrical career and is adamant that he does not want to follow in his footsteps. “He was the one who made me want to be an actor,” says Anton. “So I wanted to do what he did.”

Anton is currently a senior at Archbishop Molloy High School in Queens, New York, and will attend NYU in the fall. He describes his education as “a little bit of everything” but notes that theater is his true passion. “I love the process of creating something from nothing,” he says.

While at NYU, Anton plans to study acting with Professor Lynn Nottage and take directing and stage management classes. He is also interested in pursuing a Master’s degree in performing arts administration after graduation.

Anton has made several appearances on stage, including roles in productions of The Sound of Music and Beautiful: The Carole King Musical. He is excited about the opportunity to continue developing his skills as an actor while studying at NYU and says he cannot wait to see what happens next.

His parents are both from New York City, so this is a homecoming for him.

Al Pacino’s Son Anton James Pacino Chooses NYU Over Harvard

It’s finally the day that NYU fans have been waiting for, and they got their wish when Anton James Pacino announced his college choice this morning. The 20-year-old son of the iconic actor chose NYU over Harvard, much to the delight of many who expected him to choose one of the Ivy League schools.

Pacino was born in New York City, so it only makes sense that he would choose to study at one of its flagship universities. He had originally considered Brown and Yale but ultimately decided on NYU after speaking with professors and students. It’s evident that he has high hopes for his future and wants to study something interesting and challenging.

The decision will come as a shock to some, given that Pacino is quite close with his father, who is a well-known Harvard alum. But in the end, Anton James feels like he found the perfect fit for him at NYU, and we can’t wait to see what great things he does in the coming years!

We can’t wait to see what the

Anton James Pacino 

the son of Al Pacino and Rosemary Clooney, has announced that he has chosen NYU over Harvard University. This was a huge decision for Anton, as he had heavily considered both schools. He commented on his choice on Instagram: “After much contemplation and thought, I have decided to attend NYU School of Medicine over Harvard University. I am excited to begin this new journey and explore all this prestigious institution offers.”

It’s no secret that NYU is a top-tier school with a long history of producing successful doctors and scientists. Anton is joining an already strong medical program at NYU, which offers a wide range of opportunities for growth and exploration. In addition, the city of New York is always buzzing with activity and culture, making it an ideal place to call home.

We are thrilled for Anton and can’t wait to see what he achieves in his future career!

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