Blockbusters and Beyond: 7 Must-Watch Movies Featuring an All-Star Cast

Do you want some Hollywood glitz and glamor? There is no need to look any further! We’ve compiled a list of the top seven star-studded films now available on Netflix, Hulu, and HBO. These Movies have enthralling performances by A-list actors, compelling narratives, and exceptional production values. Prepare to be transported in the world of film magic as we present our curated list of must-see films that will keep you captivated for hours.

The Irishman – Netflix 

“The Irishman,” directed by Martin Scorsese, is an epic crime drama that reunites a trio of acting powerhouses: Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and Joe Pesci. This critically acclaimed film follows Frank Sheeran, a mob hitman, as he reflects on his involvement in organized crime and his relationship with union leader Jimmy Hoffa, played by Al Pacino. With a running time of more than three hours, “The Irishman” is a masterclass in acting and storytelling that will keep audiences enthralled until the very end.

Nomad Land – Hulu 

“Nomadland” is a stunning drama directed by Chloé Zhao that received critical acclaim throughout the awards season. Frances McDormand stars as Fern, a lady who embarks on a journey across the American West after losing everything during the Great Recession. McDormand’s performance is enhanced by an ensemble cast of real-life nomads, culminating in a picture that is both genuinely authentic and emotionally poignant. “Nomad Land” is a literary investigation of human resilience, loneliness, and the search for meaning in a constantly changing environment.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – Netflix 

Quentin Tarantino’s “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” is a love letter to the golden age of Tinseltown. This star-studded drama, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt, explores the lives of struggling actor Rick Dalton and his faithful stunt double, Cliff Booth, against the backdrop of 1969 Los Angeles. With its exquisite attention to detail, nostalgic mood, and outstanding performances, this Movies is loved by many fans especially the ones who want to watch American Netflix in Australia ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” transports viewers to a mesmerizing and heartbreaking age of Hollywood.

Joker – HBO 

Joaquin Phoenix’s performance as “Joker” dives into the roots of one of DC Comics’ most legendary villains. This dark and powerful character study looks at Arthur Fleck’s transformation from an unsuccessful comic to the Joker. Phoenix’s mesmerizing performance garnered him an Academy Award for Best Actor, and the film as a whole was praised for its thought-provoking ideas and brutal depiction of Gotham City. “Joker” is an absolute must-see for everyone who appreciates psychological depth and outstanding acting.

The Trial of the Chicago 7 – Netflix 

“The Trial of the Chicago 7” is based on true events and follows the riveting courtroom drama surrounding the prosecution of seven individuals accused of conspiracy during the 1968 Democratic National Convention demonstrations. This ensemble cast, directed by Aaron Sorkin, includes Sacha Baron Cohen, Eddie Redmayne, and Mark Rylance. The film engages with audiences by examining themes of activism, justice, and the power of dissent through captivating performances, crisp conversation, and contemporary social commentary.

Promising Young Woman – Hulu 

“Promising Young Woman,” Emerald Fennell’s directorial debut, is a thought-provoking and twisted vengeance thriller. Carey Mulligan gives a memorable performance as Cassie, a woman seeking vengeance for a horrific occurrence in her past. The film, which blends dark humor and social commentary, questions cultural standards and examines themes of consent and accountability. “Promising Young Woman” is an exciting and captivating cinematic experience that will keep you thinking long after the credits roll, thanks to its surprising twists and profound message.

Big Little Lies (TV Series) – HBO 

While not a film, “Big Little Lies” deserves to be included on our list because of its stellar ensemble, which includes Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, and Shailene Woodley. Based on the novel by Liane Moriarty, this riveting drama series dives into the lives of a group of wealthy women in Monterey, California, whose seemingly perfect lives implode after a strange murder happens. “Big Little Lies” is a binge-worthy series that tackles themes of friendship, secrets, and the complexity of womanhood via superb performances, intricate narrative, and captivating character arcs.


If you’re looking for a star-studded cinematic experience, these seven Movies accessible on Netflix, Hulu, and HBO will definitely satisfy your needs. From the mafia-infested environment of “The Irishman” to the gritty character study in “Joker” and the enthralling period setting of “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” these films offer a fascinating blend of superb performances, compelling storytelling, and high production qualities. So grab some popcorn, sit back, and let the star-studded Movies transport you to another planet.

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