DSTV Packages and Prices: The Ultimate Guide for Satellite TV Subscribers


Are you considering subscribing to DSTV, a popular satellite TV service provider? In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into DSTV packages and prices, helping you navigate through the available options to find the best fit for your entertainment needs. From sports enthusiasts to movie buffs and news junkies, DSTV offers a range of packages tailored to cater to various interests and budgets. Read on to discover the diverse packages offered by DSTV and their corresponding prices.

1. DSTV Access Package

The DSTV Access Package is an affordable option for individuals seeking a basic satellite TV experience. With this package, subscribers gain access to a selection of local and international channels, including news, entertainment, and sports channels. The DSTV Access Package offers great value for those looking for an entry-level option.

2. DSTV Family Package

The DSTV Family Package is designed to cater to the needs of the entire family. It provides a wide range of channels, including movies, series, documentaries, kids’ programming, and sports. With the DSTV Family Package, you can enjoy quality family time with diverse entertainment options.

3. DSTV Compact Package

For a more extensive selection of channels, the DSTV Compact Package offers an ideal balance between affordability and variety. Subscribers can access a vast array of channels, including sports, lifestyle, news, movies, and more. The DSTV Compact Package is a popular choice for individuals who desire an extensive range of content without breaking the bank.

4. DSTV Compact Plus Package

If you’re a sports enthusiast and can’t get enough of live sporting events, the DSTV Compact Plus Package is tailored just for you. This package includes all the channels available in the DSTV Compact Package, along with additional sports channels. With the DSTV Compact Plus Package, you can catch your favorite sporting moments and never miss a game.

5. DSTV Premium Package

The DSTV Premium Package offers the ultimate satellite TV experience. It provides access to a vast selection of channels, including sports, movies, series, documentaries, lifestyle, news, and more. Subscribers can enjoy high-definition content, exclusive international programming, and cutting-edge features. The DSTV Premium Package is perfect for those who crave a comprehensive and top-tier entertainment package.

6. DSTV Indian Package

The DSTV Indian Package is tailored for individuals who enjoy Indian movies, series, and entertainment. With this package, subscribers gain access to a wide range of channels showcasing Bollywood movies, Indian series, music, and cultural programs. The DSTV Indian Package brings the vibrant world of Indian entertainment right to your screen.

7. DSTV French Touch Package

Experience the allure of French culture and entertainment with the DSTV French Touch Package. This package offers a selection of French channels, including movies, series, lifestyle programs, and news. Immerse yourself in the rich language and captivating content of France with the DSTV French Touch Package.

8. DSTV Asian Package

For those interested in Asian culture and entertainment, the DSTV Asian Package provides a diverse range of channels showcasing Asian movies, dramas, music, and lifestyle programs. From the vibrant world of Korean dramas to the excitement of Japanese anime, the DSTV Asian Package offers a gateway to the captivating world of Asian entertainment.

9. DSTV Great Wall Package

The DSTV Great Wall Package is specially curated for lovers of Chinese programming. This package offers a variety of channels featuring Chinese movies, dramas, documentaries, and entertainment shows. With the DSTV Great Wall Package, you can delve into the rich heritage and captivating stories of China.

10. DSTV Portuguesa Package

If you have a passion for Portuguese language and culture, the DSTV Portuguesa Package is the perfect choice. This package includes a range of Portuguese channels, featuring movies, series, news, and music. Stay connected to the vibrant world of Portuguese entertainment with the DSTV Portuguesa Package.

11. DSTV German Package

The DSTV German Package caters to individuals interested in German language and content. This package offers a selection of German channels, providing access to movies, series, news, and cultural programs. Immerse yourself in German culture and entertainment with the DSTV German Package.

12. DSTV Russian Package

Experience the richness of Russian entertainment with the DSTV Russian Package. This package offers a variety of Russian channels showcasing movies, series, documentaries, and music. Stay connected to the exciting world of Russian culture with the DSTV Russian Package.

13. DSTV Turkish Package

For fans of Turkish dramas, movies, and music, the DSTV Turkish Package is an excellent choice. This package includes a range of Turkish channels, providing access to popular Turkish content. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Turkish entertainment with the DSTV Turkish Package.

14. DSTV Nigerian Package

The DSTV Nigerian Package caters specifically to the Nigerian audience, offering a diverse selection of Nigerian channels. This package includes Nigerian movies, series, music, news, and cultural programs. Stay connected to the vibrant Nigerian entertainment industry with the DSTV Nigerian Package.

15. DSTV Price Comparison

Now that we have explored the various DSTV packages, let’s compare their prices to help you make an informed decision. Please refer to the table below for an overview of the package prices:

PackageMonthly Price (USD)Access$X.XXFamily$X.XXCompact$X.XXCompact Plus$X.XXPremium$X.XXIndian$X.XXFrench Touch$X.XXAsian$X.XXGreat Wall$X.XXPortuguesa$X.XXGerman$X.XXRussian$X.XXTurkish$X.XXNigerian$X.XX

Please note that the prices mentioned are subject to change, and it’s advisable to check the official DSTV website or contact

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