How Dad and Buried is Changing the Parent parenting blog Conversation with Humor

Parenting can be tough, but it doesn’t always have to be serious dad and buried the anti parent parenting blog . Dad and Buried is one parenting blog that is changing the conversation by approaching parenthood with humor. From hilarious memes to relatable stories, this blog has become a go-to for parents looking for a good laugh. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at who Dad and Buried is, some of their most popular posts, and how they’re impacting the world of parenting blogs. So buckle up, grab your favorite drink (preferably coffee or wine), and let’s dive in!

Who is Dad and Buried?

dad and buried the anti parent parenting blog is the brainchild of Mike Julianelle, a father of two who started the blog in 2010. experiences as a parent while also poking fun at some of the absurdities that come with raising kids. 

As one of the first parenting blogs to incorporate humor into its content, “dad and buried the anti parent parenting blog Dad and Buried has quickly gained popularity among parents looking for an entertaining read. The blog covers everything from funny observations about parenthood to more serious topics like mental health and toxic masculinity.

What sets Dad and Buried apart is their ability to take on sensitive subjects with wit and candor without ever crossing any lines. Their writing style is honest, relatable, and often irreverent – making them stand out in an already crowded field.

With over 200k followers on social media dad and buried the anti parent parenting blog platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, it’s clear that Dad and Buried has struck a chord with many parents around the world who are looking for something different in their parenting content.

What are some of the most popular posts on the blog?

Dad and Buried’s blog has become a go-to source for parents seeking humor in the often stressful world of parenthood. With posts covering topics from screen time to picky eaters, it’s no wonder that some of Dad and Buried’s most popular posts have gone viral.

One such post is “I Hate My Kids (Sometimes)”, where Dad and Buried openly admits the challenges of parenting and how it’s normal to feel frustrated at times. The raw honesty resonated with many readers who felt ashamed to admit similar feelings.

Another popular post is “10 Reasons Why Parents Are Always Exhausted”, which offers amusing reasons why parents are always tired, making light of a common complaint among parents everywhere.

In addition, the post “The Problem with Comparing Your Kids to Others””dad and buried the anti parent parenting blog encourages parents to focus on their child’s individual strengths instead of comparing them to others. This message struck a chord with many readers who had fallen into the comparison trap themselves.

Dad and Buried’s relatable content provides humor while addressing important topics that all parents can relate to.

How does Dad and Buried approach parenting with humor?

Dad and Buried approaches parenting with a refreshing dose of humor. He understands that being a parent can be stressful, tiresome, and at times, overwhelming. By injecting humor into his posts, he helps parents to laugh at the absurdities of parenthood.

Rather than pretending that parenting is all sunshine and rainbows, Dad and Buried acknowledges the challenges that come with raising children. This honesty makes his content relatable to many parents who are going through similar experiences.

Through his lighthearted approach to parenting topics such as sleep deprivation or temper tantrums, Dad and Buried encourages parents not to take themselves too seriously. He reminds them that it’s okay to make mistakes because no one has all the answers when it comes to parenting.

By using humorous anecdotes from his own life as a father, Dad and Buried shows dad and buried the anti parent parenting blog that they’re not alone in their struggles. He also provides practical tips for dealing with difficult situations while keeping things light-hearted.

Dad and Buried’s unique take on parenting has resonated with many readers who appreciate the humor he brings to an often-stressful job. His approach serves as a reminder that do our best while having some fun along the way.

Dad and buried’s impact on the parenting blog conversation

Dad and Buried is a breath of fresh air in the parenting blogosphere. With his humorous approach to parenting, he stands out from the crowd of more serious and sentimental bloggers. His impact on the conversation has been significant – he’s shown that it’s possible to talk about parenting without taking everything so seriously.

One of Dad and Buried’s most important contributions is his willingness to poke fun at himself and his own experiences as a parent. He doesn’t hesitate to share stories that make him look ridiculous or incompetent, which helps other parents feel less alone in their struggles.

Another way Dad and Buried has changed the conversation is by challenging some of the traditional assumptions about parenthood. He questions whether dads really are clueless when it comes to childcare, or whether kids truly 

Perhaps most importantly, however, Dad and Buried has created a sense of community among parents who appreciate humor over sentimentality. Through social media and collaborations with other bloggers, he’s built a following that values authenticity above all else.

Dad and Buried may not have revolutionized parenting blogging single-handedly – but he certainly deserves credit for shaking things up with his unique perspective.

Other parenting blogs that are changing the conversation

In addition to Dad and Buried, there are many other parenting blogs that are changing the conversation around raising children. These blogs offer unique perspectives and insights into parenting, challenging traditional notions of motherhood and fatherhood.

One notable blog is Scary Mommy, dad and buried the anti parent parenting blog which features a mix of humorous essays and thoughtful reflections on parenthood. Its contributors come from diverse backgrounds, offering different experiences with raising children. This diversity allows for a range of topics to be explored.

Another influential blog is The Good Men Project, which focuses on issues related to masculinity and fatherhood. It encourages men to embrace vulnerability and emotional intelligence in their relationships with their children.

another popular blog that challenges the idea that parents have endless amounts of free time. Through book recommendations broken down by length and genre, author Zibby Owens offers busy parents an opportunity to prioritize reading in their lives.

These parenting blogs illustrate the importance of diverse voices in conversations surrounding parenthood. They provide valuable resources for parents seeking advice or simply looking for a laugh amidst the chaos of child-rearing.


Dad and Buried has undoubtedly made a significant impact on the parenting blog conversation. By approaching parenting with humor and honesty, he has created a space where parents can feel understood without judgment or shame. His relatable content resonates with many parents who are also struggling to navigate the challenges of raising children.

However, Dad and Buried is not alone in changing the conversation around parenting blogs. Many other bloggers are sharing their own experiences and unique perspectives on parenthood, creating more diverse voices in this space.

 our conversations about parenting. And as long as there are bloggers like Dad and Buried who challenge traditional norms with humor and authenticity, we can be sure that these discussions will remain both informative and entertaining for years to come.

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