How to Record WhatsApp Video Calls on a PC

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Can WhatsApp video calls be recorded? Of course! This article explains how to record WhatsApp video calls with audio using a desktop screen recorder, online and on mobile devices.


Our special pick is iTop Screen Recorder. This application allows you to record your computer screen, capture a webcam and record audio from a microphone or speakers. You can also use the schedule function to start and end recording at a specific time. Movavi Screen Recorder offers handy features like drawing over the video, highlighting the mouse cursor, and displaying keystrokes.


How to Record WhatsApp Video Calls with Audio on PC?


Ideal for: programming, editing, and recording multiple streams on Windows and Mac

Do you use WhatsApp on your desktop or laptop? iTop Screen Recorder is useful for recording various WhatsApp communications on your PC, including audio and video calls.

iTop offers intuitive tools that make recording your WhatsApp video calls easy. You can schedule calls in advance, set a time limit, and adjust the recording capture area to ensure only call participants can be seen. This last feature is useful if other windows open before your video call.

Additionally, the iTop screen recorder allows you to draw over the videos if you need to add tutorials or similar content. You can also determine whether you want to record the audio separately or simultaneously, and you can even record two streams simultaneously.

Advantages :

  • Customizable capture area and recording settings
  • Simple video editing tools
  • Free version available
  • Schedule recording
  • Simultaneous or separate audio and video recording
  • Ability to record two streams simultaneously


Step 1. Install WhatsApp Call Recorder

Download the iTop Screen Recorder installation file to access the WhatsApp call recorder. Follow the onscreen instructions to install the program on your PC.


Step 2. Adjust recording settings

Open your WhatsApp account on your PC and start the itop screen recorder. Choose the recording tool and determine the area size you want to capture.


Check the Microphone icons System Audio, and you can enable/disable these options according to your needs. If you have multiple input devices, open the menu above the microphone icon and choose the appropriate device.

Step 3. Record WhatsApp video call

Pressing the REC button starts the recording process after three seconds. If you want to get, the conversation started, select it before starting the video call. You can control the recording by clicking the PauseEnd and Cancel buttons. Be careful, however: if you press Cancel, it will not save your call.


Step 4. Edit and save the record

In the preview window, you can cut or shorten unwanted parts of the conversation. Use the Scissors icon to select the undesirable segment, then delete it by clicking the Trash button.

When you’re done editing, click Export and change the format if needed. Enter the name of the video in the File name field. Then choose a folder in the Save in the field. Finally, click Save.

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