How to win big in fantasy basketball?

Daily fantasy basketball is one the top fantasy games that gives a chance to anyone who holds knowledge in this sport. Now is your chance to differentiate yourself from the tournament’s other players. 

You will find some of the top advice in this article, particularly for individuals who haven’t yet drafted.  The fundamentals of fantasy sports are the same as any other games: Squads of professional athletes from the relevant league are assembled, and points are earned depending on how well the sportsperson is in the actual live game.

Winners are decided by the scores they gained, whether it was for that game, game duration of a week, or that whole league tournament. What makes this fantasy sport easy for novice players to get the hang of the game is the size of the team member in a basketball game is small with a total of 12 players including the 7 substitutes.


Essential Tips to Consider

However, it is still a hard fantasy sport to play, like any other fantasy game. You need to have some knowledge and strategy to outplay your competition in such mobile games. So, in this article, we have gathered some of the top strategies that will increase the chances of your winning. 

  • Select the best draft

Among the best aspects of fantasy basketball games is drafting, which means which players are you picking to be on your roster for a particular period (a day, week, a month). Does someone still win if the drought does not have any big names?  The answer is yes indeed. The key to getting the maximum out of your basketball team is to select the lesser-known players as they have higher returns.


Make sure to pick the evergreen big names of the game, who you think will surely be playing well as usual. Apart from watching the previous games, track records, and statistics you need to ensure that the team of the selected player is supportive or not. Does the player have good relations with the coach and how well do other players play against your drafter player? 


You need to consider all these factors into the equation before making your dream team.


  1. The format of the basketball game matters

It’s critical to be aware of the scoring format you’re using to pick appropriately. A score-based tournament will be different from a roto format, which is distinct from a head-to-head league format. Understanding your past is essential when choosing athletes. Nowadays, a lot of athletes have a stark contrast between their talent in each match and their past record of participation from game to game.


Currently, experts often begin focusing more on building a team rather than the performance of a single player and ensuring they have solid point contributors in the drought during the middle stages of the league. By rounds 5-8, experts are also ensuring that they don’t have any positional gaps.


When it comes to the latter stages of fantasy basketball, experts are betting more than their regular contributors as after laying the foundation during the initial and the middle stages of the game, in the latter stages experts usually take more chances based on the performance of the player this season. experts use in-season data to better predict the outcome rather than relying on the data and statistics of the past seasons.


  • Players’ individual standing in their career

Consider where your target athletes are in their respective professions and how it may impact their performance. Experts bet on players that are young and have a decent amount of experience in their careers. They are the ones who can make it big in the latter stage of their career.  And they are the ones who can do anything to land victory for their squads.


Another important consideration for the next phase is to give importance to athletes who could have contract-agreement incentives. This advice may sound clichéd, but it includes some reality.


Key takeaway points

Fantasy basketball is comparatively less complex than other fantasy sports given the lesser number of people and fewer variables to consider. Anyone can make big money if they follow this simple set of strategies. You can start playing this fantasy sport from the Winzo mobile app and win exciting rewards.


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