Is It Headache That Keeps You Up? Here are 12 Ways to Eliminate It.


Headache are unavoidable. The good news is that you can relieve your pain without going to the doctor by doing a few simple things. Try these recommendations to feel better quickly.

1. Try a Heating Pad or a Hot Compress

Place a heating pad on your neck or at the backside of your head if you feel like it is a tension headache. If you have a sinus headache, place a warm cloth to the place that hurts the most. Taking a warm shower may also get the job done.

2. Try a Cold Pack

If you have a migraine, try placing a cold pack on your forehead. A bag of frozen veggies, ice cubes wrapped in a towel, or even a cold shower will help relieve pain.

3. Try Dimming the Lights

Migraine headaches can be initiated by radiant or flickering light, even from your gadgets like computer screens. Cover your windows with blackout curtains during the day if you’re prone to them. Wear sunglasses when you’re outside. You could also buy anti-glare screens for your computer and change your light sources with daylight-spectrum fluorescent lights.

4. Practice Calming Down

Learning how to comfort yourself when you’re suffering from a headache, whether through yoga, stretches, meditation, or refined muscle relaxation, can help relieve the discomfort of headaches. If you feel muscle twinges in your neck, talk to your medic about a physical cure.

5. Try Caffeine

Have a cup of tea, coffee, or another caffeinated beverage. It may help relieve headache discomfort if you get it soon enough after the pain begins. It can also improve the effectiveness of general pain medications. Just be careful not to drink too much, as caffeine withdrawal might result in a headache of its own.

6. Avoid Chewing

Gum chewing can hurt not only your jaws but also your head. Other than gum, chewing your fingernails, lips, the insides of your cheeks or useful objects like pens can also trigger headaches. Avoid meals that are crunchy or gummy, and take small bites. Ask your dentist about a mouth guard if you have a habit of grinding your teeth.

7. Ensure Hydration

Drink a lot of water. Dehydration can be the main cause of a headache.

8. Give Massage a Try

It’s something you can do on your own. A tension headache caused by stress might be relieved by rubbing your forehead, neck, and temples for a few minutes.

9. Reduce Pressure on Head

A headache might be caused by an overly tight ponytail. Not just that, wearing a cap, headband, or excessively tight swimming goggles might also cause these “external compression headaches.”

10. Try Ginger Tea

In a recent study, consuming ginger in addition to routine over-the-counter medication relieved discomfort for migraine sufferers in the emergency room. It is said to be nearly as effective as prescription headache pills. You might take it in the form of a vitamin supplement or make a cup of tea.

11. Use Medication but in Moderation

Pain medications for all types of headaches are readily available on pharmacy shelves. Follow the directions on the label and these tips to obtain the maximum benefit with the least risk:

  • The liquid is preferable to tablets. It is absorbed more quickly by your body.
  • If you have heart failure or kidney failure, avoid ibuprofen and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs).
  • Avoid giving aspirin to children under the age of 18.
  • As soon as you feel pain, take pain relievers. If you don’t wait, you’ll probably be able to beat it with a smaller amount.
  • Ask your doctor what you can do if you get sick to your stomach when you have a headache.
  • Inquire with your doctor about how to avoid a rebound headache, which occurs after a few days of taking pain medicines.

Also, see your doctor about certain headache symptoms you should not attempt to cure at home.

12. When is it Better to Call a Doctor?

Seek medical help immediately away if you’re suffering from:

  • A headache that occurs as a result of a head injury.
  • A headache that is accompanied by dizziness, difficulty speaking, confusion, or other neurological signs
  • A terrible headache that appears out of nowhere
  • A headache that deepens even after the intake of pain relievers


The increased complaints of headaches made us incorporate this article that contains all possible remedies for headaches. Although there are various reasons behind this, these tips will help in easing them and letting you breathe in a calmer, more peaceful manner. And if you are a student suffering from a headache due to academic writing tasks, you should get a Law assignment helper. This helps in catering to all your academic writing tasks while you get a chance to sleep peacefully.

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