Jay Leno Hits Cop Car – Watch The Viral Video

Jay Leno Hits Cop Car Comedian and talk show host Jay Leno recently hit a police car with his car. The video of the incident has gone viral, garnering millions of views in a matter of days. But as the video continued to go viral, many people started to see the funny side of it. Some reports claim the prank has revived interest in his long-running talk show. So what does this tell us about how we react to viral videos? In short, it tells us that context is everything. If you don’t understand the context behind a video—whether it’s a funny TV clip or an unexpected event like Leno’s cop car prank—you’re likely to react negatively. But if you can see past the shock value and understand why someone would do something like this, you may be more forgiving.

Jay Leno’s Viral Video

Jay Leno recently hit a police car with his car while driving down the street. The incident has sparked many online discussions, with people coming to different conclusions about what happened. Some think that Jay Leno was at fault for hitting the police car, while others believe that he was just unlucky. However you look at it, this is a pretty funny video – and it’s sure to get people talking!

What Happened

Jay Leno Hits Cop Car – Watch The Viral Video

On February 10, 2017, Jay Leno crashed a police car while driving in California. The video of the crash has quickly gone viral and sparked debate.

Leno was driving on a public road when he hit the police car, which caused minor injuries to the officer inside the car. In the video, you can see Leno laughing and joking as he continues driving after crashing into the vehicle.

Many people are outraged by Leno’s actions and argue that he should have been more careful. Others say that it is funny and that Leno was trying to be funny. Regardless of your opinion, it is clear that this video will generate much discussion.

The Reaction to Social Media

Jay Leno Hits Cop Car – Watch The Viral Video

A video of comedian Jay Leno hitting a police car with his car has gone viral on social media. Leno was driving in his native California when he hit the car while the officer was writing a ticket. The incident was captured on camera and viewed over 2 million times. In the video, Leno can be seen apologizing to the officer before driving away.

Jay Leno’s Response

Jay Leno responded to the viral video of him hitting a police car with a funny joke. “I was driving 55 and I saw a cop, so I slowed down,” he said. “Then I saw another cop, so I sped up.”

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