MyPascoConnect Login Complete Guidance

The MyPascoConnect is a web portal that allows you to manage your MyPascoConnect learners’ web assets account from your home or from anywhere on the earth using the MyPascoConnect login portal.

MyPascoConnect for All

Students, educators, and parents can directly connect to MyPascoConnect account via the MyPascoConnect launch pad category link. For students’ accounts, the student’s login is available and the My Pasco parent portal is available for the parents. Workers (teachers/staff) at MyPascoConnect have a simple option to login into MyPascoConnect.

MyPascoConnect Login

MyPascoConnect allows teachers and learners from grades K up to 12 and higher classes to learn easily from their own homes. Entire assignments are given and can be submitted online for a coach to mark their effort.

Teachers in MyPascoConnect

Teachers in MyPascoConnect arrange classes for students of their perspective levels and show their progress via grading. Parents can also log into MyPascoConnect to see their kids’ performance and find out if they are learning or not.

Invite Code

MyPascoConnect invite code is a policy that allows you to use it free at the start. This is where you have notified MyPascoConnect management of your educational level. So they send you an invitation code to register for the MyPascoConnect demo.

Way of Registration

  1. Go to the ClassLink site.
  2. If you want an invite code for registration of your account, write your name as it appears on your license card or on your child’s birth certificate.
  3. Type a valid “email address” to which it will mail you the invite code via ClassLink.
  4. Type your institute’s name in the “institute” folder to tell ClassLink who you are.
  5. Select your “institute” grade under “kind of institute.” There are two divisions here: K to 12 as well as Higher Studies.
  6. Select the state from the “State” column and the city from the “City” column.
  7. Finally, tell us how you heard about it and write down your phone number.
  8. Then submit your login details.

What to do after Login?

After you sign in for the first time, firstly, you will get an option for verifying your password. Especially, on LaunchPad, you can see a great number of services that are directly provided in your MyPascoConnect account. If you need to use any of the services and if it is your first time using it then you may be asked to give the login credentials, remember that this procedure is compulsory if you are using any service for the first time.

What is MyPascoConnect?

It is an ideal model for teaching a great number of students and tutors to especially minimize academic endeavors by facilitating entrance to learning tools through virtual classes. It eventually provides you with real-time access to your Cloud files.

My Pasco Connect Profile Settings

General Settings: With this selection, you can change your avatar image. There are many other settings also but we have discussed only a few of them here.

Change the Colour

You can change the dashboard and website’s color as you think is a good choice. Subsequently, there are different types of applications that can be used using MyPascoConnect, you can easily put a password for these applications. This quality gives extra safety and security against unauthorized login.

Password Recovery Option

If in case, you couldn’t remember your password then you need not worry about it if you have already set up a password recovery option. Follow the provided steps:

  1. Just enter into My Profile and click on “Password Recovery Setup”
  2. Here you have all of the recovery options from Security Question, Phone, or Email.
  3. And, if you ever forget and need to reset your password then all you need is just to click on the “Help, I forgot my password” option from the official site.

Built-In Facilities

Once you have logged in, you’re going to see a great number of amazing applications that you can use without needing to use your email and various passwords for each and every single one of them. Here are some of these facilities that you can get on this page.

Office 365

One of the best educational and working tools is present – Office 365 is already accessible on the launchpad. You can use it for creating documents, presentations, sending mails, and doing various other things just with a single click.


From the myLearning portal, you can subsequently have a look at various subjects and their relevant lectures almost along with educational data available on the website.


Assessing the Mypascoconnect Student account, you can especially see your growth over the learning sessions to make yourself feel better at particular courses and achieve better completely in education to reach your learning goals.

Employee Self-Service

If you’re moving into a Mypascoconnect Teacher account, you will also get access to the Employee Self-Service page where you can hold and supervise all your self-service works and activities.

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