our tyrant became young spoiler

Get ready for a plot twist like no other. Our tyrant, the young spoiler one we all loved to hate, has just become young again! It’s time to buckle up and dive into this spoiler-filled blog post about the newest development in our favorite drama series.

What made Tayyip Erdogan so powerful?

Tillerson and Pompeo’s meeting with Erdogan in Ankara on May 16, 2018, was supposed to be a success. They were there to seal an agreement between the United States and Turkey that would take back from the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) much of northeastern Syria, as well as close down two Turkish military bases in northern Syria. However, this meeting turned into a disaster when Erdogan made an unannounced appearance and began speaking without taking any questions from Tillerson or Pompeo. He went on for more than an hour, giving contradicting statements about the agreement and insulting both men. In the end, the meeting was cancelled and no progress was made.

Erdogan’s power comes from his ability to control all aspects of Turkish society: political, economic, social media, education, media. He is also known for his strong ties to Islamist groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood and Fethullah Gülen’s movement. These groups have helped him stay in power by working behind the scenes and airing their support for Erdogan during elections.

Erdogan has been able to keep control of Turkey by using his strong religious beliefs as a way to unite his supporters behind him. His extremely conservative religious views help him attract votes from rural areas and sectors of society that are not typically supportive of his rule. Additionally, he has developed a cult-like following among some Turks due to his charisma and strict policies towards obedience and discipline in society. This combination of popularity among certain segments of

How did Erdogan’s rule change in 2018?

In 2018, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan experienced a subtle but noticeable change in his leadership style. He began to act more like a young spoiler, undermining or changing plans made by more experienced members of his Cabinet. In March, Erdogan forced the resignation of then-Prime Minister Binali Yildirim after disagreements on how to handle Turkey’s currency crisis. In May, he fired Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu after a series of police corruption scandals. Finally, in July, he replaced Foreign Minister Mevlüt Cavusoglu with new minister Berat Albayrak following Cavusoglu’s controversial statements about Germany.[1]

The removal of these more experienced figures allowed Erdogan to tighten his grip on power and maintain control over the government. This shift in leadership style was most notable during the country’s highly volatile currency crisis in 2018. When it appeared that Yildirim and Soylu could not solve the problem, Erdogan stepped in and took charge.[2]

Erdogan’s willingness to take decisive action during the crisis showed that he is willing to risk unpopularity in order to protect Turkey’s national security interests. This change in leadership style may be an indication that Erdogan is preparing himself for a

What are the consequences of Erdogan’s victory?

The consequences of Erdogan’s victory are not yet clear. Erdogan has long been a controversial politician and his recent rise to power has brought changes that many people find troubling.

Erdogan is also popular among some in Turkey for his ability to make economic improvements during his time as Prime Minister. However, his strong-arm tactics and aggressive rhetoric have often led to tensions with other countries in the region. For example, Erdogan’s response to the 2016 failed coup attempt left a lot of people concerned about his role in the country’s future. If he continues down this path, it is possible that Erdogan could further cement his hold on power by turning against individual rights and freedoms or by engaging in military conflicts with neighboring countries.

What happens next for Turkey?

Turkey’s president Tayyip Erdogan is now in his early 50s and has been young spoiler in power since 2003. This year, he ran for a new five-year term but was defeated by Muharrem Ince, a 40-year-old former premier. Erdogan leaves office with his reputation tarnished by allegations of corruption and abuse of power. What happens next for Turkey?

The country is currently governed by a parliamentary system, in which the prime minister is the head of government. The main opposition party – the Republican People’s Party (CHP) – has called for snap elections, but Erdogan has said he will not call them until after municipal elections on March 31st. The CHP also wants an inquiry into alleged bribery during the presidential contest, as well as sweeping changes to the constitution that would give Erdogan more executive powers.

Erdogan may be hoping to use these powers to neutralize any potential challengers before he steps down; however, there are reports that some members of his inner circle are grooming him to take over from President Ince as leader of Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP). If this happens, it would see Erdogan stay in power through 2024 – longer than any other Turkish president since the 1960s.


We all know the feeling of finally catching a good movie only to have it ruined by someone divulging spoilers before you get to see it. When this happens, we feel resentful and robbed of our chance to enjoy an entire film without knowing what’s going on. Unfortunately, spoiler culture is becoming more and more common, with people posting information about movies hours or even days in advance.  This type of behavior not only spoils great films for others; it also ruins the experience for those who are trying to go into a movie blind. If you value your time as much as we do, please be respectful of other viewers and refrain from posting spoilers online

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