Top 5 Ways to Maintain Your Physical Strength in Lockdown Phase

Physical Strength

As the Covid-19 cases surfaced again, it has once again locked us all in our homes. A new wave of leisure has made us idle and lazy and it is not serving us a good purpose; Instead it is detrimental to our mental and physical health and demands our own support.

According to studies, this new wave of coronavirus has brought more fear and anxiety among the people. Among US residents, a number of physical and mental health challenges were observed, such as a 36 percent increase in insomnia and more than 12 percent of chronic conditions.

All these challenges are the result of fear of losing jobs, lives and loved ones. However, since COVID has no plans to leave us anytime soon, many life coaches have jumped on the bandwagon and are sounding out wellness mantras.

According to him, fear and anxiety affect mental health only if physical health is not good and recommends some blossoming practices to help people maintain their physical strength and stay healthy, fit and satisfied.

Why you shouldn’t give up on physical strength during the Covid-19 lockdown

As stated earlier, it is not just about mental health, but you must also stay on top of your physical health to fight this pandemic bravely and valiantly. The exercises may give you a hard time at first, but you’ll enjoy and love them later.

Following a physical fitness routine will not only understand your muscular questions, but will also result in overcoming unhealthy habits like smoking and alcohol consumption.

According to a survey, during the Covid surge in April 2020, the Indian government announced a ban on the consumption of tobacco and nicotine. As a result, 64% of nicotine and tobacco consumers in India then engage themselves in physical exercise and actually break out of this harmful habit which has helped them to cope with that mechanism and improve their mental and physical well-being.

Not only this, WHO also recommends maintaining physical strength. According to him, the more physically active you are, the less likely you are to fall ill.

Maintaining physical strength, especially exercise, reduces infectious diseases like coronavirus and helps in staying away from non-communicable diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart attacks etc.

Physical well-being makes your immunity stronger. Your cells get more oxygen and nutrients that enable them to deal with pathogens and ward off insects like lung and heart diseases that make coronavirus deadly.

Physical exercise also releases endorphins that help in dealing with stress and anxiety and make us feel calm and relaxed, which we have really been waiting for during this global pandemic.

As mentioned, life trainers are working hard now and have recommended a lot of exercises that can be practiced from home and significantly help in maintaining physical strength.

Some of them include:

1. Waking up early

Waking up early in the morning is the best exercise and probably the best way to relax your muscles. Incorporating stretching into your routine helps to release tense muscles and is the perfect leap to energize you for the day ahead.


Getting up early for work is a challenge for all of us but no bigger than this. Pulling yourself out of your comfortable bed just to do one exercise would be too complicated but is essential to avoid stiffness in the joints.

For best results, stretch all the different muscles in your body, including the neck, back, chest, abdomen, arms, calves, sides and thighs.

Stretching makes a big difference in strengthening your muscles and helps you maintain posture, balance, and prevent fall-related injuries.

But keep in mind that while stretching, do not forget these safety tips.

  • Number one, don’t bounce.
  • Two, draw symmetry.
  • And, number three, don’t stretch too much.

2. A High Protein Diet

To build physical strength, it is necessary to build up the muscles of the body, and for that you need a high protein diet.

Your diet should include a significant portion of protein along with small amounts of carbohydrates. Such as consuming salmon, meat, dairy products, eggs and vegetables, beans and peas etc.

Any food containing omega-3 fatty acids in appropriate amounts is good for increasing your physical strength. However, cut down on carbs sparingly, or else you are going to back yourself towards insulin dependence and high cholesterol level which is the main stress hormone.

Also, according to a custom essay writing service, vitamin C should never be avoided because it helps boost your immune system. Some of the recommended vitamin C sources include kiwis, strawberries and broccoli.

3. Squats

Squats are effective ways to maintain your daily dose of physical strength. You can’t complain about time in covid lockdown. Start with easy squats and gradually increase the intensity.

If you are obese, this is the right time to shed some extra weight. Try squats that best suit your body and practice them two or three times a week. If your body accepts it well then you can also practice it daily. Do three to four sets of fifteen reps, and you’re on the right track.

When you squat, your body accelerates the production of anabolic hormones that help you lose fat and build muscle and help you maintain your physical strength.

4. Lungs

Lungs are liked by almost everyone. It is a one man force which helps to tone practically all the parts of your body and provides excellent body balance and coordination.

There are several versions of lunges that you can gradually incorporate into your routine and see a significant change in your body composition.

Some of the most effective are forward lunges, walking lunges, and lateral lunges.

To be precise, lungs help you in the following ways

  • Improves muscle coordination
  • Increases overall flexibility
  • Strengthens legs and buttocks
  • Improves Bone Density
  • Keeps the spine strong and straight

You can also mix squats with your lunges; It really goes well together and speeds up the metabolism.

5. Takht

Plank is actually a real deal; It may sound simple and easy but is actually challenging. Planks increase your physical strength and work for your entire body. If you are a beginner, do not hold it for more than 20 seconds.

A certified trainer in New York City recommends three sets of up to 60 seconds each and says it’s perfectly fine to start with shorter sets and move up, not longer sets. He also adds that planks give you a solid full body workout and effectively speed up your metabolism.

However, once you get used to standard planks, you can also incorporate leg lifts to boost your core strength, improve posture, and strengthen bones. Many people also find them practical for back pain.

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