Robert Benevides: The Artist Behind The Christmas Card

Most of us send out holiday cards. Maybe you’re like me and think of them as a bit of tradition. Perhaps you even go all out and make them yourself. But who does the design? That’s where Robert Benevides comes in. The artist behind the trendy Christmas card, Benevides, has a unique perspective on the holiday season. From his work with greeting cards to illustrations for children’s books, Benevides has created some of the most memorable Christmas cards around. In this post, we will explore Benevides’ work and learn more about the artist behind some of our favorite holiday memories.

The Inspiration Behind Robert Benevides’ Christmas Cards

As an artist, Robert Benevides is well-known for his intricate and beautiful Christmas cards. Biblical stories or traditional holiday images often inspire his cards, and they always come with a unique sense of humor.

Benevides began creating Christmas cards in 1995 when he started as an artist. At first, he just copied other people’s designs, but he developed his style after a while. Today, his cards are some of the most popular on the market.

The Process of Creating a Christmas Card

Creating a Christmas card can be tedious and time-consuming, but it is an important tradition in many families. Robert Benevides, the artist behind some of the most popular Christmas cards in history, has shared his process for creating a successful card.

Benevides starts by sketching out his design on paper. He often begins with a basic outline and then fills in the details. He takes great care to consider the composition of his card, as well as its color and style. Once he is happy with his design, he transfers it to cardboard or vellum.

Next, he begins to fill in the details with gouache or watercolor. He considers each stroke carefully, ensuring that each element is perfect and consistent with the rest of the card. After completing the painting, he adds finishing touches such as highlights and shadows.

Benevides’ meticulous approach ensures that each Christmas card is unique and special. His cards are often featured on television programs and magazines, significantly impacting people’s memories of Christmas celebrations.

What Makes a Good Robert Benevides Christmas Card?

Robert Benevides is an artist who specializes in holiday cards. His cards are always unique and beautiful, and he makes sure to include a message that reflects the person who received them. Here are five things that make Benevides’ Christmas cards so special.

1. attention to detail: Benevides always pays close attention to the details of his cards, from the placement of the snowflakes to the color of the ribbon on the bow. He knows that each card is an individual work of art, and he ensures that everyone is perfect.

2. personalized messages: Every card is different, but all of them include a customized message from the artist himself. He wants his recipients to know that he cares about them and their holiday season and wants them to feel extra special when they open their cards.

3. The festive atmosphere: Each card is designed with a positive atmosphere, from the brightly-colored ribbons to the positive text printed on the front. Whether you’re feeling cheerful or melancholy, Benevides’ cards will take your mood up a notch or two for Christmas morning!

4. The sense of humor: Benevides knows how important it is to have a good sense of humor during this time of year, and he puts that into every single one of his cards. From jokes about reindeer psychosis to puns about eggnog shortages, Benevides has got you


Robert Benevides is an artist whose work has graced the front pages of newspapers and magazines worldwide. Whether he’s painting scenes of rural Newfoundland or capturing the joys and sorrows of Christmastime, Benevides’ art is a reflection of his unique personality and perspective. In this article, we look at some of Robert Benevides’ most famous Christmas cards and explore their unique history and how they became so popular. From simple yet stunning landscapes to tear-jerking tales of holiday cheer, these cards will surely bring a smile to your face this Christmas season.

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