Thank You Coronavirus Helpers & Gets hearts from Google

Thank You Coronavirus Helpers

Our healthcare workers are on the front lines of fighting the novel coronavirus disease (Covid-19) which is rapidly spreading in our city, state, and nation. To express our appreciation and gratitude for these everyday heroes, here are some messages for coronavirus helpers.

Coronavirus helpers got Google’s heart and creative doodle

After a grateful week, search engine giant Google on Saturday honored all coronavirus helpers, including doctors, nurses, delivery staff, farmers, teachers, researchers, sanitation workers, grocery workers, and emergency service workers, with a creative doodle.

Google India, which describes itself as an internet buff and occasional doodler in its Twitter bio, urged its 815.3K followers to stay home.

For this entire week, the California-based company is thanking and honoring the frontline corona warriors with a series of GIF doodles.

The tech firm started the week by thanking doctors, nurses, and medical workers, and shared a compiled animated doodle recognizing the efforts of the assistants making our lives easier.

How to say thank you to Coronavirus helpers

To say thank you to healthcare workers and other essential workers in our lives, consider the following:

  • Tell your provider how much you appreciate them by phone or face-to-face the next time you see them. A simple, “Thank you so much. You make a difference in my life,” can mean a lot.
  • Bring them fresh-cut flowers from your garden when you visit them next. No need to spend money or to put the flowers in a fancy vase.
  • Send a personal thank-you note with words of appreciation. Include specific examples of how they helped you.
  • Post a positive review on Google or another online rating system. By posting a positive review, you not only send them your positive feedback but help pave the way for people to find them and use their services.
  • Submit a short article to your local paper to express your gratitude. This sends your message of thanks and does it in a way that helps them be recognized throughout the community.
  • Send your provider a drawing or other piece of art created by you or by a special child in your life to express your appreciation. Brightly colored art, whether created by you or a child in your family, is guaranteed to bring a smile.
  • Donate to a charity in honor of your healthcare providers, and let them know that you have done so. This has multiple positive effects, by providing thanks and recognition, and by helping support a worthy cause.
  • Recommend your provider to other patients who may benefit from his or her care.

Messages to appreciate and support Coronavirus Helpers:

We are here for you!!! Thanks for being there for us.

We are so grateful for your support.

We are very lucky to have you, and we know it.

Thank you so much for what you are doing for our world.

You are truly a hero. Thank you.

You show us that we are all in this together.

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