The Ultimate Guide to Ogilvie Transportation Center: Everything You Need to Know

Chicago and wondering how to navigate the city’s transportation system? Look no further than Ogilvie Transportation Center! This bustling hub in the heart of downtown Chicago offers commuters and travelers alike a variety of options for getting around the Windy City. But what exactly is Ogilvie Transportation Center, and why should you consider using it? In this ultimate guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this transportation hub, from its history to its parking options. navigating one of Chicago’s busiest transit centers!

What is Ogilvie Transportation Center?

Ogilvie Transportation Center, located in the West Loop neighborhood of downtown Chicago, is a major transit hub serving commuters and travelers alike. Ogilvie, a former governor of Illinois who championed public transportation.

Today, Ogilvie Transportation Center serves as a hub for several different rail lines: Metra’s Union Pacific lines (Northwest and West), Amtrak’s Empire Builder and California Zephyr routes, and Greyhound bus service. It also connects to nearby CTA train stations via underground pedestrian tunnels.

But Ogilvie Transportation Center isn’t just about trains and buses – it’s also home to a variety of shops and restaurants that cater to busy commuters on-the-go. From coffee shops to sandwich stands, there are plenty of options for grabbing a quick bite or drink before catching your next train or bus.

Whether you’re commuting into Chicago from the suburbs or traveling across the country by rail or bus, Ogilvie Transportation Center is an essential stop on your journey.

How is Ogilvie Transportation Center Used?


For commuters traveling to and from the suburbs of Chicago, Ogilvie Transportation Center provides access to multiple Metra lines, making it an essential part of daily commutes. Additionally, the center offers easy connections to other forms of public transportation in downtown Chicago.

In addition to serving local commuters, Ogilvie Transportation Center also connects travelers with cities across the Midwest through Amtrak services. Intercity bus services such as Greyhound and Megabus also operate out of this transportation center.

Beyond its primary function as a transportation hub, Center also provides convenient access to various amenities. These include restaurants, coffee shops, newsstands and retail outlets.

From suburban residents who rely on it for their daily commute into the city to tourists visiting Chicago for the first time; there are numerous reasons why people use Center every day.

History of Ogilvie Transportation Center

The history of Ogilvie Transportation Center is a fascinating one, with its development tied to the growth and expansion of Chicago’s railway system. Originally known as North Western Station, it was built in 1911 by the Chicago & North Western Railway Company.

 facility and boasted advanced features such as electric lighting and heating systems. The station remained an important hub for rail travel throughout the first half of the 20th century.

In 1984, the station underwent extensive renovations and was renamed after Richard B. Ogilvie, former Governor of Illinois who played a key role in saving commuter rail service from extinction. Today, Ogilvie Transportation Center serves over 100,000 commuters daily and remains an integral part of Chicago’s infrastructure.


What to Expect at Ogilvie Transportation Center

 Chicago, Ogilvie Transportation Center sees a lot of traffic every day. If you’re heading to this bustling hub for the first time, there are a few things you can expect.

First and foremost, be prepared for crowds. With over 100,000 daily commuters passing through the station on average, it’s safe to say that Ogilvie is always buzzing with activity.

Once inside the station, you’ll find plenty of amenities to keep you comfortable during your wait. if you need a quick bite or caffeine fix before your journey.

If you have some extra time, take advantage of the free Wi-Fi throughout the station or browse through one of the many newsstands or convenience stores located around the concourse.

 train or bus, make sure to double-check your platform number as they can change at any moment due to delays or schedule changes.

While navigating Ogilvie Transportation Center may seem overwhelming at first glance due its size and volume of travelers passing through each day – there’s no denying that if offers all necessary amenities and resources required by passengers travelling from A-to-B via public transport.

Transportation Options at Ogilvie Transportation Center

Ogilvie Transportation Center is a major transportation hub in Chicago, serving as a terminal for both Metra commuter trains and Amtrak intercity trains. As such, there are several transportation options available to travelers arriving or departing from the station.

 bus routes that stop near Center. The nearest L train station is located at Clinton on the Green and Pink lines.

One unique option for from Ogilvie Transportation Center is utilizing Divvy bikes. There is a Divvy bike sharing station located just across the street from the station’s main entrance. This option provides flexibility and convenience for travelers who want to explore Chicago using an eco-friendly mode of transport.

Parking at Ogilvie Transportation Center

Parking at Ogilvie Transportation Center 

Finding a reliable parking spot can be quite challenging, especially when visiting busy transportation centers like Ogilvie. Fortunately, the center has several parking options, with over 4,000 spaces available for daily or monthly users.

 just a few hours while running errands in downtown Chicago or catching a train from the station, then hourly parking is an excellent option. The rate starts at $15 and increases depending on how long you want to park.

For commuters who visit the station regularly and need consistent access to convenient parking spots without worrying about availability every day, monthly parking permits are an ideal choice. Monthly rates start at $285 per month and allow holders to park their vehicles anytime – twenty-four hours a day throughout the month.

It’s essential to note that there are height restrictions for different levels of the garage. If you’re driving an oversized vehicle such as trucks or SUVs above seven feet tall or twenty-one feet long – there’s limited space available on some levels of the garage.

Don’t stress if you forget where you parked; digital signs display real-time information showing which floors have open spaces and what level they’re on so that drivers can quickly locate empty spots within minutes!


In summary, Ogilvie Transportation Center is a critical hub in the city of Chicago. It has served millions of commuters and travelers for many years, providing an essential transportation service that connects people to different parts of the city and beyond.

 leisure, Center is an excellent choice. With its convenient location, numerous transportation options, ample parking facilities and modern amenities; it’s no wonder why so many people rely on this station every day.

So if you’re planning a trip to Chicago or just need a reliable way to get around town, make sure you consider using Center as your go-to transport hub. You won’t regret it!

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