Introducing The Unruggables: A New Collection of Virtual Goods Created By The $WGMI Community

The $WGMI Community is a group of creatives. Developers and entrepreneurs who share their skills and knowledge. Besides that, to have an amazing portfolio of projects. The Community also has a heart. They are always looking to help others. To that end, they’ve teamed up with Unruggables. An online store focused on sustainable fashion and home goods. The goal of Unruggables is to help people become more resourceful and independent. So the team chose virtual goods as their way of doing that.


The Unruggables virtual goods collection features items like solar lamps. Wind turbines and more, all of which can be customized by the purchaser. All proceeds from the sales of these items. Will go to support the Muir Woods Foundation. a non-profit organization that protects wild areas around Northern California. So whether you’re looking for a unique way to show your support for the environment or causes or want some new virtual goods to add to your collection, check out The Unruggables!

 What is the $WGMI?

The $WGMI Community has come up with some amazing virtual goods that you will love! The Unruggables are a new collection of virtual goods that can be used in any game or application. These virtual goods were created by the $WGMI Community and are available now.


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There is something for everyone in this new collection of virtual. Goods created by the $WGMI Community!


The $WGMI Community and their Role in the Creation of the

The Features and Benefits of the Unruggable Phoenix NFTs

Unruggables Collection

Introducing  A New Collection of Virtual Goods Created By The $WGMI Community.

The $WGMI Community has developed a new collection of virtual goods to entertain and engage users. The Unruggables are unique in that they are not available on any other platform, making them perfect for use in gaming or social media platforms.

The items in the collection include dinosaurs, space aliens, and other fantastical creatures. They can enhance user experiences on social media platforms or in online games. The creators of the Unruggables hope their creations will help promote creativity and innovation within the $WGMI Community.

3 How to Join the $WGMI Community and Own a Piece of the


Unruggables Collection


To become a part of the $WGMI Community and own a piece of the Unruggables Collection. It would help if you were interested in virtual goods and dedicated to helping others. The first step is to join the $WGMI Discord server (link below) and become part of the Community. Once registered, you can start chatting with others. Members help contribute content to the collection.


Once you’re ready, head over to our store page. Where you can shop for individual items or bundles that include. Multiple items you can also donate any unused or unwanted. Unruggables items to our charity partner. The Open Child Foundation Thank you for being part of the $WGMI Community!


The Unruggables: A New Collection of Virtual Goods

Introducing The Unruggables: A New Collection of Virtual Goods Created By The $WGMI Community.

The $WGMI Community is excited to release our newest collection of virtual goods.  This new bundle includes various items, including weapons, armour, and accessories, perfect for gamers and cosplayers.

We love creating new virtual goods bundles and hope you enjoy this one as much as we do. Be sure to check out our shop page for more information on how to purchase The Unruggables. We look forward to seeing you in the game!


How to get involved with The Unruggables

If you’re a fan of the virtual goods marketplaces like Steam and GOG, you’ll want to check out The Unruggables. This new collection of virtual goods. Created by the $WGMI Community, packed with great content.


To get involved with The Unruggables, you need a Steam or GOG account and an appetite for virtual goods. Once you have those things set up, head to the Unruggables. Website and start browsing the catalogue. There are many interesting items to choose from, and the selection is always changing.


There’s no limit to what you can do with The Unruggables. so dive in today and see what this amazing collection offers!

What are the benefits of being a part of The Unruggables?


The Unruggables are a new collection of virtual goods created by the $WGMI Community. The items in the collection include character costumes, weapons, and mounts. As with all the $WGMI offerings, The  are available for shopping. Using ingame gold that can to earned through. Gameplay or purchase using real-world money.


One of the benefits of being a part of The Unruggables is that. Players can direct contributions to the development of the collection. This means that each item in The Unruggables is ultimate. Designed and created by members of the Community. Furthermore, The Unruggables are available for shopping using in-game gold. Players can easily get the items they want without spending much money.


Overall The Unruggables offer players an array of cool virtual goods. That they can use to enhance their gaming experience, and they’re also great for members of the $WGMI Community to contribute. Their talents and skills create something unique and fun for other gamers.

Final words

The $WGMI Community has come up with a new collection of virtual goods that will please any card game fan! The Unruggables collection features. Characters and objects from popular card games such as Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokémon.


If you’re a fan of card games, be sure to check out the Unruggables collection!

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