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Wakefit Mattress

Since its inception, WakeFit has always been quite the centrifugal force in the mattress world. The brand’s offerings are luxurious, robust, budget-friendly, and flexible too.

Each model also has different color variants. Hence, it becomes easy for you to choose the most suitable option for your bed.

However, there is a bottleneck. At present, Wakefit has launched over a hundred mattresses in the respective market. So, if you are a beginner, it will be almost impossible for you to choose something from such a wide range of options.

However, there is no need to worry. We are going to narrow down your list of options through this write-up.

1. WakeFit Mattress Overview

When buying a mattress, there is no point in compromising on quality, construction, comfort, and durability.

This is why it is better to know everything before choosing a particular brand, rather than randomly buying a mattress and regretting it later, especially when it comes to popular brands like WakeFit.

Wouldn’t you agree?

You will, and that’s why we’re here with our complete WakeFit mattress review. Once you finish reading the full review, you will be aware of the various mattresses from the brand and will be aware of their performance and shipping details. So, without wasting much time, let’s dive into it.

2. Firmness and Feel

When choosing a mattress, the two most important features every buyer should keep in mind are firmness and feel.

Firmness is defined as the characteristic by which you can tell whether a mattress is soft or hard. Considering all WakeFit mattresses, the firmness is more or less the same for all four variants.

Orthopedic mattresses have moderate firmness as it is needed to support the body and reduce back pain.

In dual comfort mattresses, one side is stronger than the other. For latex mattresses and foam mattresses, you can consider the level of firmness to vary between soft to medium-firm.

Now speaking of mattresses, all the products are covered with woven fabric that will feel smooth and comfortable against your skin.

The covers are breathable and allow air to circulate properly within the mattress layers and your skin, keeping the temperature under control.

3. Mattress Manufacture

1.     Cover: The cover layer of the WakeFit mattress is made of a knitted fabric that has a zipper. So whenever you want to wash the cloth you can remove it. Thus, Wakefit has ensured cleanliness and hygiene on its emblem.

2.     Comfort Layers: Coming to the comfort layers of the mattress, the memory foam will provide the maximum level of comfort and comfort to sleepers. This is due to the memory foam layers and the soft foam layers. The mattress has a certain degree of softness that will make you fall asleep instantly.

3.     Support Layer: Support layers ensure that the soft top layers are protected from a compressive force in the best possible way. The latex and HR foam layers act as the supporting framework for the mattress. In addition, the use of high-resilience foam gives the mattress bounce and will help stabilize the bedding material.

4.     Mattress height and weight: Since the foam is the main component material of the WakeFit mattress, the products are lightweight. So, even if you turn the mattress, you won’t have to put a lot of physical effort into doing the activity. For mattress height, you will have three options – 5”, 7”, and 8”. Then, based on the body weight of the sleepers, you need to choose the right thickness of the mattress.

4. WakeFit Mattress Performance

1. Breathability

All four products from Wakefit – Orthopedic, Latex, Dual Comfort, and Foam Spring feature a 7-zonal profile of foam. The air circulation is maintained due to the presence of this zonal foam. In addition, the knitted fabric cover around the mattress also allows for proper ventilation. Therefore, mattresses are breathable and will help avoid allergies and other types of discomfort.

2. Temperature regulation

Mattresses have no discrete layers that can keep surfaces cool. But yes, since the breathability is high for the products, there is proper air circulation, which helps to keep the surfaces cool.

3. Motion Transfer

Unfortunately, WakeFit mattresses can’t stop motion transfer. Typically, when someone sits on a mattress or lies down next to you, you can feel the surface sinking as the pressure applied to certain areas is transferred to the surroundings. However, since mattresses are primarily made of foam and latex, it is impossible to prevent motion transfer.

4. Edge Support

The WakeFit mattress comes with edge support, which ensures that the products do not sag and fall flat. In addition, the presence of edge supports will also ensure that the layers remain intact and do not get damaged under pressure.

5. Durability

All four mattresses from the Wakefit brand are highly durable. This is because the foam layers used in the manufacturing of the products are of high quality and have anti-sagging properties. This is why mattresses will not sag even if the compression force from above goes beyond the threshold level. Hence the products are durable and will last for a long time.

6. Smell

Often you must have heard people complaining that the mattress smells bad. This mainly happens when the air between the layers doesn’t circulate properly, or moisture and heat cause fungus to grow inside the mattress. However, let’s consider the WakeFit mattress. You don’t have to worry about coming into a room full of funk. The layers of the mattress are arranged in such a way that air can circulate as well as easily, and no micro-organisms can grow. Therefore, there will be no bad smell.

5. WakeFit Mattress Policies

1. Shipping

No matter where you’re staying, WakeFit will ship the chosen mattress to your added location. You will not have to pay any extra charges for shipping and hence, order the best product that suits your needs.

2. Trial Period

As per the Wakefit policies, if you submit a refund request within 100 days of the trial period due to any damages, they will readily refund you. However, let’s say you return the mattress after the trial period. In that case, they will judge the damage and condition of the mattress based on warranty policies.

3. Returns

The maximum return period of WakeFit Mattress is 30 days from the date of delivery. Once you have received the mattress and find that it is damaged or not the one you ordered, you can submit a return request. The Wakefit management team will process the further investigation, and once all the details are confirmed, a team will pick up the mattress from your given location.

4. Warranty

Even though all four products have a minimum warranty of 5 years, you need to know that not all features are covered by the warranty policies. For example, inner layers of foam and latex layers will not be covered by the warranty. Similarly, suppose your mattress gets damaged due to careless use or folding. In that case, you will have to pay for the repair as damage will not be insured by Wakefit warranty policies.

6. Pros and Cons of the WakeFit Mattress


  • Comes with a dual utility mattress with both sides providing the same level of comfort
  • Contains a specially designed orthopedic mattress that will significantly reduce your back pain
  • Clean and allergy-free latex mattress to take care of your skin health
  • Prices are affordable for different users
  • Custom dimension measurements are possible for WakeFit mattresses
  • Shortcoming
  • No pocket spring mattress is available under the Wakefit brand flagship
  • Very limited choice of mattress types

7. Who should buy the Wakefit mattress?

There are no strict rules on the use of a WakeFit mattress. Instead, you need to choose the best products based on what you need in your bed.

For example, let’s say you want to get relief from your chronic back pain and muscle aches. In that case, an orthopedic foam mattress would be the ideal choice.

Similarly, the Dual Comfort Mattress and Foam Spring Mattress would be the best option for a comfortable bed as both come with memory foam.


As you can see, each of Wakefit’s products has something unique about it. Therefore, we would ask you to learn more about your needs and make a final decision. Hope you can make the right decision. May you be successful!

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