Which Celebrity Invented Their Stage Name From A Medieval English Ballad?

Believe it or not, several celebrities got their stage names from medieval English ballads. From Lady Gaga to Taylor Swift to Harry Styles, read more about which celebrity invented their stage name from a medieval English ballad. In the medieval period, ballads were an important form of storytelling. They were used to teach morals and values, celebrate weddings and other special occasions, and more. Many of the famous names we know today originated as ballads. Read on if you’re curious about which celebrity invented their stage name from a medieval English ballad!

Who is the Celebrity Behind the Stage Name?

Stage name:

The celebrity behind the stage name is an American singer-songwriter, Taylor Swift. Swift adopted her current stage name in 2006 when she was just 14 years old. She had been performing as T-Swift for a few years before that but chose to go with the new name after seeing the movie Mean Girls.

Origin of the stage name:

Swift’s stage name originates from the medieval English ballad “The Lady Is A Tramp.” The song tells the story of a woman who is abandoned by her lover and has to beg for food on the street. Swift based her stage name on this ballad title, which is also how she came up with her first album title, Fearless.

What is the Ballad That Inspired Their Name?

The ballad that inspired their name is titled “Lady Jane Grey.” The young queen was beheaded after a short reign, and her story has been told in several films and books. While the ballad’s authors are unknown, it is thought to have been written during or after her reign.

The name “Lady Jane” comes from the title of one of the verses in the ballad. The verse tells the story of a woman who rebels against her father and becomes queen. She is then forced to abdicate after she is found out, but she lives on in history as “Lady Jane Grey.”

What Happened After They Changed Their Stage Name?

After changing their stage name from “The Paper Kites” to “The Kites,” the band found a new audience and recorded their first album under this new name. The Kites toured extensively throughout Europe and the United States, but their record label eventually dropped them. In 2002, they released their second album, “The Paper Kites.” After that, the band disbanded.

How did Taylor Swift’s stage name originate from a medieval English ballad?

Taylor Swift is known by her stage name, Taylor Swift. The singer’s birth name is Taya Kyle and she was given the stage name Taylor by her management team when she started performing as a teenager. Her talent for songwriting and performing led to her signing with Big Machine Records in 2006 and releasing her debut album, Taylor Swift, in 2007.

Taylor Swift’s stage name originated from a medieval English ballad, “The Taylors of Blue Hinton.” In the ballad, a young girl named Taylors of Blue Hinton falls in love with a nobleman named Wynn ap Llewelyn. However, Wynn is married to another woman and cannot marry Taylor because of it. Taylors disguises herself as Wynn ap Llewelyn one night so she can be with him, and they eventually get married. After they are married, Wynn’s wife finds out about the affair and forces them to divorce.

Taylor Swift named herself after the Taylors in the ballad because she loved how their story ended optimistically – despite all odds against them. Similarly, Taylor hoped that her own story would have a positive ending.

What are some other celebrity stage names derived from ancient poems and songs?

Some other celebrity stage names that were derived from ancient poems and songs are Britney Spears (from the song “Britney Jean”), Miley Cyrus (from the song “Party in the U.S.A.”), Destiny’s Child (from the song “Independent Women”), and Whitney Houston (from the song “I Will Always Love You”).

What does the future hold for celebrity stage names?

Nowadays, there are so many famous people with stage names. And for a long time, many of these stage names were invented from medieval English ballads. Here are four such examples:

1. Celine Dion became Céline Dion after her parents took the name of their favorite French singer, Celine Dion.

2. Whitney Houston was born Whitney Elizabeth Houston after her father changed her mother’s last name to Houston.

3. Barbra Streisand became Barbra Streisand after her middle name was Streisand and she picked it as an inspiration for her singing career.

4. Cher became Cher after she saw The Sound of Music and wanted to be called Julie Andrews’ character in the film.


It can be hard to remember which celebrity name started as a stage name. After all, some people go by their given names, and others adopt more unique monikers. But did you know that one famous actor or singer took their stage name from a Medieval English ballad? If you’re wondering who that might be, read on for the answer!

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