Why Flat Fee MLS Services are Popular for FSBO Listings

In today’s competitive real estate market, unless you intend to sell your home to a relative or other pre-qualified buyer, you must ensure you list with an MLS listing service. That can be a problem for FSBO sellers, as only licensed real estate agents can list on local MLS services. These agents are, for the most part, well-trained professionals. Though recent legislation has reduced commission fees in some markets to approximately three percent, they average a 5.49 percent commission check. On an average-priced US home that sells for $495,100, that would be a commission check of about $27,0001.

The three percent commission fee is high enough that many sellers consider selling their properties ‘for sale by owner’ or FSBO. But selling a home involves time and money. FSBO sellers must consider all the expenses, such as marketing, advertising, staging, and legal document processing. These expenses will most likely cost the seller thousands of dollars, and they still miss out on the advantage of getting their property on an MLS listing. Fortunately, listing with a flat-fee MLS listing service can help FSBO sellers get the same access as a real estate agent while saving on closing costs.

Why is Listing on a Flat Fee MLS Listing Service Important?

Some FSBO sellers may market their homes on social media, in print ads, by word-of-mouth, or through other networking methods. Despite these alternate mediums, most property owners find listing on an MLS service necessary.

Sellers benefit from MLS listing services by obtaining more competitive offers and closing a sale quickly. Buyers can also purchase their new home with confidence, knowing they’re getting the most up-to-date and reliable information about the property they’re interested in.

Does it Make Sense to Acquire a Real Estate License to Access MLS Listings?

Obtaining a real estate license in the US requires hours of classroom study and continuous education. It also comes at a significant cost. Pursuing a real estate license may make sense if you plan to invest in real estate or work in a field such as mortgage underwriting. But getting your real estate license is unnecessary for those selling a home via FSBO. You likely won’t need a real estate agent, either. An MLS listing service will list your home for six months or more for a reasonable flat fee.

How Do I List on the Local MLS Matrix?

If you decide to list your home with a flat fee MLS listing service, consider the following steps as basic preparations:

  • Gather and review all documents relevant to your original purchase of the home.
  • Give your home a good spring cleaning.
  • Prepare your home for staging by removing photos and other personal items.
  • Stage your home to define the function of each room clearly.
  • Take a series of photographs that feature the property’s flow and function. If possible, hire a professional photographer because quality images attract more buyers.
  • Once you’re ready to sell your home as an FSBO seller, contact a flat fee MLS listing service.

Where will Buyers See My Listing?

When you sign up for the flat service MLS fee, with a company such as HomeZu, you will receive professional marketing on social media platforms and have your home featured on well-known industry sites, such as Realtor.com, Trulia, Zillow, Redfin, and more.

These platforms allow motivated buyers to find the perfect home that meets their needs.

Sale by Owner Next Steps

User-friendly websites make it easy to list your home on the MLS listing, giving you the best opportunity to sell it at a profitable cost. You will also avoid many headaches associated with marketing your property yourself or hiring a real estate agent. To get started with the flat fee MLS listing process, follow the steps below:

  1. Select your state and sign up.
  2. Create your listing. This step will involve submitting photographs and determining the terms and length of your MLS listing.
  3. Choose your showing terms. Some owners prefer private showings only, while others encourage open houses.
  4. Review and accept offers. In addition to the monetary offers, you will also want to consider closing terms, costs, and other requests that potential buyers may present.
  5. Close and celebrate.


Why Buyers Are Motivated

Most buyers seek properties in areas that offer superior educational institutions, highly rated medical facilities, and an overall high standard of living.  A high quality of life makes MLS services for a competitive housing market. Buyers often navigate toward FSBO properties since they know private sellers can offer a competitive asking price while still securing a decent profit on the sale.

Listing your home with a flat fee MLS listing service will simplify the process, save time and money, and help the right buyer find your property faster. 

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