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When it especially comes to ensuring the safety of our homes, it is fundamental to have a comprehensive and reliable warranty. Choice Home Warranty is the best choice that offers protection for our homes having a solid name in the business and with the partnership of the renowned George Foreman.

Choice Home Warranty is, unquestionably, a top source of home warranties, which offers protection plans covering the repair and replacement of main problems and appliances in our homes. With years of experience and assurance to customers, it has gained a name in the business.


Benefits Of The Partnership

Choice Home Warranty is working with George Foreman, who has previously been World Heavyweight Champion twice. Choice Home Warranty has become a dominant competitor in the house warranty industry. Since its creation in 2008, this organization is playing an important role in helping various homeowners protect their homes and financial interests.

By choosing a Choice Home Warranty plan, you get an opportunity to keep secured the specific home appliances and equipment. For the damages caused by usual wear and tear, Choice Home Warranty helps in covering the costs by repairing or replacing these items.

Certainly one of the main benefits of selecting Choice Home Warranty as our home warranty provider is their extensive network of the best contractors who efficiently handle crucial repairs. This relieves us from the trouble of searching for a reliable contractor on our own.


Getting to Know George Foreman

George Foreman is a former professional boxer and well-known in the 1990s, who secured the heavyweight world championship title two times and also won an Olympic gold medal. Along with his boxing career, Foreman also achieved great success as a flourishing author, actor, and entrepreneur. He has also a record of being the oldest heavyweight champion in history at the age of 45.


Why George Foreman Recommends Choice Home Warranty

Though George Foreman is paid for supporting Choice Home Warranty, his support for the firm is far beyond the financial rewards. Foreman has made it clear that his savings on home repairs are just because of his Choice Home Warranty plan. Foreman said, “I don’t like to waste money needlessly on an interview. I rely on Choice Home Warranty, for I am being protected financially from any damage to home appliances”. Choice Home Warranty has the Foreman’s assurance because of their outstanding service. The organization has gained a good name because of its quick response in time and the expertise of its specialists.


Choice Home Warranty George Foreman Benefits
Comprehensive Protection Of Our Home:

One of the main features of Choice Home Warranty is its extensive coverage. Their plans protect important systems like plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems. And the most important appliances like ovens, washing machines, and refrigerators are also covered. This wide-ranging coverage ensures that homeowners protect their home’s central systems and also appliances against costly repairs and failures with the Choice Home Warranty protection plan.

Excellent Customer Satisfaction:
Choice Home Warranty offers 24/7 customer care, ensuring that we can reach out for assistance at any time. They are there to help us with any covered appliance or system. The company provides a team of experts who can quickly identify and fix problems. For that reason, Choice Home Warranty’s promise of customer contentment can be seen in its high ratings and positive reviews.

Budget-Welcoming Plans:
Choice Home Warranty understands the diverse needs and budgets of homeowners. To fulfill various requirements, they offer a range of plans at various prices. Therefore homeowners with different financial levels can afford them. We can try their services without thinking about financial loss because the company gives a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Matchless Skilled Team:
With over 25 years of experience in the home warranty business, Choice Home Warranty has built a brilliant team of experts. They provide us with matchless customer service. They are reliable, fast, and always present to offer their support.

Comfortable Claims Procedure:
Choice Home Warranty endeavors to make the claims procedure as easy as possible for its customers. Its user-friendly online portal and committed customer service team ensures the filing of claims is easier. With a simple procedure, homeowners can have their repairs scheduled.

Ethics And Transparency:
Choice Home Warranty works with a strong sense of ethics and transparency. They provide clear terms and conditions for their work, making the homeowners understand their rights and responsibilities.


Choice Home Warranty George Foreman Plan Expenses

Prices of Choice Home Warranty plans rely upon where we live and which plan we choose. Costs vary because service workers cost differently in different places. Every time we go to make a claim, we need to pay a trade service fee of $85. This means that in addition to our yearly (or monthly) payment, we have to pay $85 for a worker to come and fix the problem.



To conclude, when it comes to protecting our family and home, trust is everything. The corporation of Choice Home Warranty and George Foreman brings forth two reliable institutions. These institutions have decades of experience in their particular fields. With the best protection plans and comfortable customer service, we can rest assured that our home is always in the safe hands of Choice Home Warranty.

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