Why people will enjoy bingo gaming

Casino gaming is a very popular bingo gaming genre. It’s on the rise since the creation of online casinos.


It was only in the late 20th century and early 21st century that online gaming became a possibility. Up until then, gamers could only play video casino games at a land-based gaming venue. 


Nowadays, with online casinos, gamers can play from anywhere in the world and at any time of the day. Casino games have never been more accessible.


One of the best games to try is bingo. As we’ll explore in this article, bingo is a crowd-pleaser. 


Read on to find out why you will enjoy bingo gaming. 


Bingo: a classic casino game


Proof of a great game lies in its longevity. A great game will seduce several generations. 


Bingo has been passed on from generation to generation for centuries. Invented in 1530, the game has truly passed the test of time.


It was first invented in Italy. Over there it was known as Lo Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia, or the Italian National Lottery. 


After its success in Italy, the game was brought to France and became known as Le Lotto. It was initially played by the French aristocracy and the country’s elite. 


It was only several decades later that bingo became a more popular game, accessible to all. 


Over time, the game spread to other neighboring countries including the UK. These countries then brought the game to their colonies until it conquered the hearts of gamers all over the world. 


By the mid-20th century, the game was a worldwide phenomenon. Its popularity increased with the opening of legal bingo halls and legal bingo venues in several countries, including in the USA. 


Nowadays, online casinos help bingo reach new markets, territories, and player demographics. In other words, bingo continues its world conquest. 


Reasons why people will enjoy bingo gaming


Here are some of the reasons why people will enjoy bingo gaming just like their ancestors did. 

It’s easy to play 


Bingo’s rules are not complicated. This makes it a very accessible game that most people can play. 


In a nutshell, players have a bingo card and need to mark off the numbers that a dealer calls. If they get a winning combination, they win. 


The game is luck-based so it requires little to no preparation, strategy, or math skills. All that a player needs is a bit of luck. 

It’s unpredictable and exciting 


Because it is a luck-based game, it’s always unpredictable and exciting. 


After all, luck is a very mysterious thing. Many players love playing with their ‘intuition’ rather than with a clear and probability-based game strategy. 


They prefer playing and relying on the mysterious force that we call luck. 


Unlike strategy and skill-based games, bingo releases a very strong rush of adrenaline and dopamine in a player’s brain. This is due to the game’s highly unpredictable and volatile nature. 


Studies suggest that players who win a luck-based game associate the win with personal luck. They feel blessed by a higher entity or being which gives them a strong confidence boost in both their personal and professional life. 

There are different variations of bingo


Bingo has changed over the centuries so there are now many different variations to try out. Two of the most famous variations are British bingo and American bingo. 


American bingo is a 75-ball game. British bingo is a 90-ball game. 


You can learn basic bingo rules here. 


If you have already tried these variations and want to play something different, we recommend going for bingo slots. 


Bingo slots are new casino games that combine bingo with slots. Instead of having a dealer call out numbers, the slot machine’s reels will tell you what the numbers are. 


Bingo slots are new and very entertaining casino games. 

Bingo games are social games 


Land-based and virtual bingo halls are very social spaces. People love playing bingo because they get to play with many different players. 


If you’re playing online, you can join a chat room or a virtual bingo community. You can also choose live bingo games where you play with a live dealer and live gamers. 


Many land-based and online bingo halls also give you the opportunity to invite your friends and family members to play. You could invite them to join you for a fun gaming experience. 

Fun bingo lingo 


Bingo players also love bingo lingo. Bingo lingo refers to the expressions used by bingo dealers. 


They will come up with fun expressions to call out the numbers they’ve picked up. Two of the most famous ones are Kelly’s Eye and Cup of Tea. 


Kelly’s Eye is used for number 1 and Cup of Tea for the number 3. 


There are many more bingo lingo expressions to discover. If you’re playing at a land-based bingo hall, we recommend learning some of these beforehand. 


Final thoughts


Bingo is a fun, accessible and beginner-friendly game. We hope that this article will make you want to try out bingo gaming for yourself. 


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