Investigating the details of Kirra Hart’s physical assault on social media

A 14-year-old Australian young lady named Kirra Hart was abused for many hours after she was convinced to spend the night with three other young ladies. According to reports, this brutal assault occurred on March 16, 2023, at a residential area in Tewantin, a Queensland suburb of Noosa Heads.

Justice for Kirra Hart

A “Justice for Kirra Hart” petition states that three young girls purportedly asked Kira Hart to a sleepover. Whom she mistakenly thought to be her friends. Moreover, the young ladies “punched her, slapped her, continually stabbed and sliced her with a knife.” Meanwhile filmed the vicious assault. This violent attack on the 14-year-old young girl by three other young ladies who abused her for nearly four hours astonished social media users.

Video of Kirra Hart being physically assaulted

We can easily see Chloe and Rhynish hurting and abusing Kirra Hart in the video. As the video went viral on Wednesday, March 22, it disturbed many people since then.

What is in the video?

We can see Kirra Hart in the recording standing in what seems to be a bedroom. We can see one young lady repeatedly beating Kirra Hart. While another young lady was wielding a big knife that the other girl used to threaten and stab Kirra Hart. A third girl nearby was recording the assault. We saw the victim trying to save herself by covering her face and body with her arms, yet she failed to do so.

Other Images of Kirra Hart

On social media, there were many other images of Hart with injuries, wounds, and blood all over her body and face. Later on, police had disclosed that Chloe Denman, Rhynisha Grech, and Shanaya Grech were the young ladies who tortured Kirra Hart.

Chloe and Rhynisha

Chloe and Rhynisha are famous social media influencers whom we can easily see abusing Kirra in the video. On their social media profiles, either of them received lots of criticism and abuse. After the incident, people took Kirra to the hospital for treatment of her body injuries where she received medical attention.

How did netizens respond to the incident?

The debate over this shocking and controversial video has received national attention. People have begun questioning public security and there are many people worrying about Kirra Hart. On the internet, users are pleading for justice. Discussions over this topic are becoming more prevalent on every social media platform.


Various people condemned the incident on Twitter by naming the victims, asking for their legal punishment, and showing their sympathies for Hart. The petition referred to Chloe and Rhynisha as “the leaders behind this hideous act.” The young ladies involved in the vicious attack “just received fines and a warning due to their age.”

The Repercussions of Kirra Hart Attack Video

Kirra Hart’s Attack has become a matter of discussion since the moment her video went viral on the Internet. A petition has been filed against these attackers, demanding justice for Kirra and asking for severe punishment for these three young ladies.

GoFundMe Initiative

Kirra’s mother, Kristen Hart had started a GoFundMe initiative. It has raised thousands of dollars. Kristen valued the financial and emotional support she got from people who especially helped uplift Kirra and her family.

What happened to Kirra Hart

While the physical injuries of Kirra will get healed over time, the young girl is still in trauma, and her emotional wounds will take years to get away. Doctors eventually diagnosed Kirra with PTSD and now she is having trouble processing everything that has happened. It’s undeniable that her life will never be the same after the incident, and she needs to put a lot of effort into regaining her confidence and senses.

Is Kirra Hart Still Alive?

Since Kirra Hart’s Death rumors have been spreading all around, our specialists’ dove into the matter and arranged a few satisfactory answers. If you are wondering whether Kirra is alive or dead, you will be glad to find that she is alive and is fighting her trauma and physical wounds.

Kirra Hart is a Warrior

Kirra Hart is no less than a warrior and people all over the world are praising Kirra Hart for her bravery in surviving this brutal attack. However, her physical wounds and injuries are so deep that it may take years to heal completely.

Kirra Can Never Be Forgotten

We will never forget the innocent Kirra, and those three young ladies will undoubtedly get severe punishment. People are continually demanding justice for Kirra after this deadly assault. To spread awareness, the video is going viral on numerous social media platforms.


Kirra Hart’s incident is unfortunate and sad. The video has grabbed the attention of everyone in Australia and multiple areas of the world. This assault indicates that no one in this brutal world is worth trusting now, and you should be very cautious while meeting new people.

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