The Myanmar Net Block FINGASENGADGET Protests

The Myanmar Net Block FINGASENGADGET protests are ongoing. and getting more and more attention from the public. With allegation of the government censorship, blocking of social media. and online spy, the protester are demanding freedom of expression. and access to the internet. What is net block? Net block is a term used to describe digital restrictions. imposed by governments on access to the internet. In Myanmar, where the FINGASENGADGET protests are taking place. net block used to suppress dissent. It’s also used in other places around the world to restrict access. to websites that authorities deem dangerous or subversive. How do I get involved? If you re interested in getting involved with the protest and supporting. freedom of expression
there are several ways you can do so. You can donate money to help support the protesters. sign petitions and make calls to your government representatives. or even take part in peaceful protests yourself. The important thing is to stay informed about what’s happening and take action when you feel it’s warranted.

Protests in Myanmar

Protests have been ongoing in Myanmar since. November 7th when a law was passed that allows officials to search any internet. user’s data without a warrant. The protests have continued despite a police crackdown. with people taking to the streets to demand democracy and freedom of speech.

Since the protests began, social media has used as a main . communications tool for protesters and organizers. Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp are all being heavy used to share information. organize rallies and raise awareness about the situation in Myanmar.

One of the main goals of the protesters is to pressure the government into reversing. the controversial data search law. So far, there have been several demonstrations throughout the country. but they have had little effect on forcing the government to change its stance. In some cases, protestors have arrested. or beaten by police while trying to hold peaceful rallies.

yet these challenges protesters are continuing their fight. for basic human rights and democracy in Myanmar. Their efforts may not be successful right away. but they are helping to create a more open society. 


The FINGASENGADGET Net Block On the evening of October 17th, 2013, the FINGASENGADGET . team discovered that our website blocked in Myanmar. This occurred after we published an article about the ongoing. protests in Myanmar and how access to. information is being.

We reached out to Google and filed a protest against our website blocked in Myanmar. We also contacted Facebook. Twitter and other major social media platforms. about this issue and asked for their help in getting our site unblocked

Unfortunately despite our best efforts. our site has not yet unblocked and remains blocked in Myanmar. This is a serious infringement of freedom of expression. and access to information and it’s very frustrating that we can’t do anything about it.

Unfortunately despite our best efforts. our site has not yet unblocked and remains blocked in Myanmar. This is a serious infringement of freedom of expression. and access to information and it’s very frustrating that we can’t do anything about it.

What is a Net Block?

Net blocks are a type of censorship in Myanmar. They are blocks on the internet that prevent people from accessing. certain websites or content. Net blocks can to kept by the government, private companies, or individual users. They are often used to restrict access to information. that considered inappropriate or sensitive.

The use of net blocks has been controversial in Myanmar. because they are a form of censorship.Critics argue that they are an infringement. on freedom of speech and freedom of information. Other critics argue that they used to suppress political. dissent and silence opposition voices.

Net blocks have been large scale criticized in Myanmar. because they limit access to information and violate users’ rights. The government has defended. the use of net blocks as a necessary tool to protect. the country’s national security and sovereignty.

The Purpeose of the Protests

The purpose of the protests is to draw attention to the repressive. government of Myanmar and call for democratic reforms. The protests started on September 26th, when a group of students. from the University of Yangon started protesting against a new internet censorship law. The protests have since widened to include civilians . from all walks of life, including monks and nuns.

The protesters are calling for an end to the military dictatorship. that has ruled Myanmar for more than 50 years.


How to share in the Protests

If you are intereste in participating in the FINGASENGADGET Protests, here is a guide on how to do so:

The first step is to make sure that you have all this the necessary materials. This includes a laptop, an internet connection, and a microphone

Once you have all this your materials ready, the next step is to find an event or protest that interests you. There are many different protests taking place around the world right now. so it is important to choose one that will be relevant to your situation in Myanmar. Once you have chosen an event or protest, it is time to gather information about it. You can find information about specific protests online or by talking to friends. and family who are also interested in protesting.

Once you have gathered information about the protest, it is time to. prepare yourself for when you go out there. First, make sure that you have all this your materials with you. Second, make sure that you know what to say if questioned by police or other protesters. Finally, practice your speech until you are confident with what you want to say. Remember: always be respectful and stay safe while protesting!


The Myanmar Net Block FINGASENGADGET Protests continue. with the latest round of protests taking place in Yangon this week. As we reported earlier this week. protesters are calling for the upside. of a decision by the country’s telecommunications regulator. to allow Facebook and other global Internet companies. to operate in Myanmar without local content censorship. The protests follow a similar route as previous protests. that have taken place over the past year; candidate. rally in central locations before march to government buildings or international embassies. While no clear agreement has reached between protests. and authorities so far, recent reports suggest that the protesters.

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