10 Changes You Should Make to the Room of Your Kid with Autism

Kids with autism have special needs that can only be met by making changes to their rooms. The changes you make will ensure that your kid doesn’t feel angry and make it easier for you to provide the best care to your kid. 

If you are considering making changes to your kid with ASD but don’t know how to start, you are at the right place. Read on to find ten actionable tips that will allow you to make changes without wasting time and effort!


  1. Keep Safety in Mind

The most important thing to keep in mind when making changes to the room of your kid with autism is to prioritize safety. Remember that by prioritizing safety, you will be able to make the room fun for your kid and also make your responsibilities easier for yourself. 

Start by making all the storage units lockable. Doing so will ensure that your kid cannot dabble in things that can cause them danger. List down the strengths of your kid and ensure that they can enjoy fun activities without getting damaged. 

For example, if your kid loves jumping, you should have a padded jumping pad in the room so your kid can stay safe. 


  1. Remodel the Toilet

Loud dryers and automatic flushing systems can be upsetting for your kid with autism and make them fearful of using the toilet. This is why you need to be careful about the items that are placed in the toilet of your kid’s room. 

If you move your kid to a new room, they might find it difficult to get back to their toilet routine. You can read the autism and potty training guide to ensure that your kid can use the toilet in the room easily with minimal assistance. 


  1. Control Lighting In the Room

Kids on the ASD spectrum find it difficult to spend time in a place with harsh items. For example, white lights can dim over time and stark flashing, which can trigger anger and anxiety. White lights can cause the distortion of colors for kids on the ASD spectrum and make it difficult for them to make sense of their surroundings. 

This is why it’s better to choose yellow lights in the room of your kid with autism. The yellow lights don’t cause any of the problems that white light can produce. Remember that the room should be completely dark at nighttime. 

Hang blinds from the windows so no light can enter the room at night. Besides that, you should also have dimmers in your room so the light can be controlled as per the mood of your kid. 


  1. Avoid Loud Flooring

It’s common for people to choose sturdy flooring for rooms. However, the problem with sturdy floors is that the sound created by them can be a bit too much for kids with autism. This is why you need to choose durable flooring options for the room that can stand the test of time but are not loud. 

Natural wood is one of the best flooring options that can be chosen for the room of your kid. The good thing about this flooring option is that it can absorb most of the sound waves and maintain a calming environment in the room. 

Besides that, natural wood is also soft and warm, which can ensure that your kid doesn’t feel any discomfort. 


  1. Think Ahead For Storing

Kids with autism don’t like to spend time in stuffed places. To ensure that your kid doesn’t feel uneasy all the time, you need to manage the storage in your room. It’s important to manage the storage racks of books and toys to ensure there are plenty of free places. 

The best way of storing items and keeping them out of sight is by choosing under-bed drawers for your kid. These drawers can store a lot of items without making the room look cluttered. You can also label the drawers with colorful stickers to ensure that your kids can understand the storage plan. 


  1. Choose Comfortable Bedding

The color of the bedding, its texture, and its quality are all important factors that you need to keep in mind when decorating the room of your kid with autism. You have to choose the colors that your kid likes and match the vibe of your room. 

Choosing weighted sheets for your room is a good option as they can provide the best comfort to your kid. Besides that, you should consider buying cotton sheets with a higher thread count, as they don’t change their texture easily. 


  1. Add Relaxing Colors 

You need to be very careful about the color scheme of your room when decorating it for your kid with autism. Warm colors are known to make kids with autism act violently. However, light colors boost their mood and help them feel good. Some of the light colors you can choose for the room your kid are:

  • Blue 
  • Green 
  • Purple

When choosing these colors, you don’t have to overdo anything, like choosing patterns that can disturb your child. 


  1. Manage Electronic Appliances Carefully

The electronic items you place in the room of your kid with autism can have a direct impact on them. This is why you should only place those items in the room that don’t overstimulate your kid. For example, putting a TV in the room of your kid with autism is not a good option.

Avoid giving a TV or a smartphone to your kid without proper supervision. Make sure you hide the cables of all electronic devices so your kid can stay safe from dangers. 


  1. Control Scents in the Room

Kids with autism are not good when it comes to spending time in places with strong scents. This is why you need to be careful about opening the windows of the room or using an oil diffuser indoors. Consult the doctor of your kid to decide which scents are the best for your kid. 


  1. Remove Overall Clutter 

The minimalist décor approach is the best for your kid with autism. Try making decoration decisions that suit the overall persona of your kid. For example, if your kid reacts heavily to images with sharp lines, you should avoid adding wall art that contains lines or angles that look disturbing. 


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