4 Precautions To Take Before Buying Apple Pie Strain

Apple pie strain is a rare Sativa-dominant hybrid of marijuana, most preferred by the people.  It was created by crossing the popular Acapulco Gold and Highland Nepalese strains. This strain consists of a sour apple flavor with nutty herbal exhales. Apple pie contains the maximum potential of THC concentration and gives a vibrant taste and flavor.


The color of this strain is dark forest–like color having patches of amber orange. You can find this strain online by entering your delivery address to shop for apple pie near me. It is a potent hybrid with 24% THC. These strains mimic the flavor and effects of the fruit pie and contain only 12% CBD, which is lower than other strains. 

Appearance, Taste, And Smell Of Apple Pie

Apple pie strain has 70% Sativa and 30% indica and looks like an elongated, fluffy, spade-shaped, medium-sized flower with orange hairs. They are covered with forest green and deep purple sugar leaves. It contains a thick frosty layer of amber trichome crystal resin. 


This strain consists of traditional apple pie flavor, and when you want to have a good time, having it is an ideal product. The Tangy apple flavor profile is present and makes you feel that you are eating a pie. It is due to both parent strains’ contrasting sugary and spicy notes.

Precautions To Take Before Buying Apple Pie Strain

1. Ensure Why To Use Apple Pie Strain And What Form You Want To Take

The first thing that should be considered is the purpose of taking the apple pie strain. Even though it has various benefits, ensure it meets your desired expectations. It is available in different forms, such as powder, pills, oils, topical, etc. Still, experts suggest some advice. Inhaling apple pie may be effective through a vape pen or cigarette.


You can place oil drops under your tongue to get effects within minutes, which may be helpful. Applying topical by rubbing it onto the skin, the result may vary from one person to another. Some people may get the effect immediately, and others not for even long hours.

2. Find Out The Amount Of THC In The Products

Before buying the apple strain product, it is essential to know the THC concentration. THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is a cannabinoid present in cannabis and marijuana—an increased concentration of THC results in a head high. According to the research, it says that when CBD is combined with THC, it works better in most people.


The product should contain a little THC, as low as 0.3%. So if you want a product with little THC, go for one made from hemp. It may provide additional benefits of being widely available online and in retail stores. The dosages will be expressed in mg. It may differ based on the type of products. 


Experts often suggest starting the products with low doses. For example, a tincture will contain only 10 mg per dose. Remember, while purchasing products, list only the total amount of cannabinoids. Those products will have not only THC but dozens of other related compounds.


Some companies will not include the number of ingredients on their label. They will market them as a whole plant or rich in fatty acids. Even though those compounds may be present gives additional benefits that are still uncertain. In this situation, you can request the COA. If they have one, it will show the number of ingredients they contain.

3. Know The Origin Of The Strain And Where It Was Grown

Most cannabis products sold online and in retail shops are from hemp and marijuana. You can also search the web about ways to ‘buy the best marijuana’ from online stores.  The source should be organic, available in the market, and from farms in the United States, from Colorado or Oregon. Otherwise, it would be imported from overseas. Their state’s agriculture program performs spot tests of plants, and they check the level of THC.


The product is investigated to determine the potential use of illegal pesticides. The 2018 Farm Bill makes it easier for farmers to grow and expand plants to various states where it is developed and tested. Buying this strain from overseas will be more problematic because they are not subject to state or federal testing. So it needs to be testing results available to consumers.


Manufacturers should follow the FDAs guidance to have good manufacturing practices. It is essential to check the labels to show whether it was grown and look specifically for those from Colorado. In a dispensary or a retail store, get information from the staff about the location where it was grown. If you purchase it online, verify the company’s website to see whether the required information is given, or contact the seller to clear your doubt.

4. Ask For Test Results

Before purchasing the products, always ask for the product’s COA (certificate of analysis). It will show the tests performed on the products, checking for THC levels and the presence of contaminants or artificial chemicals. You can also check the COA to see if it meets the ISO 17025 standards.


Check whether the testing methods used by the company are validated by any of the national standard-setting organizations. If an online manufacturer or a dispensary does not provide the information about the test analysis or refuses to share it with you, then avoid the product and the retailer.



Apple pie strain may make your day more eventful and boost your energy level. It might provide uplifting effects, which help control the tasks you have been putting off for weeks. Before purchasing apple pie strain or other cannabis products like gummies you can search the web about, ‘how long do edible gummies take to expire’ to ensure that you buy the right quantity. Make sure to go through the above-given tips and ensure to buy high-quality products from reputable vendors.


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