5 reasons why satellite TV is better than cable TV

Does the idea of paying a monthly subscription fee for cable television make you want to scream? Do you get frustrated with poor customer service and spotty internet access? If this sounds like you, then satellite TV might be the solution. With no contracts or hidden fees to worry about, subscribers can watch their favorite content whenever they want on demand. Here are five reasons why satellite TV is better than cable:


Satellite TV gives you access to more channels

Satellite TV offers more channels than cable. If you’re a sports fan, then satellite TV is the way to go. It has more sports channels than any other type of television service. You can also find a number of movie channels on satellite, as well as news and children’s programming. 


The variety of programming available with satellite is much greater than what cable offers–and this makes it better for viewers who want something different from what they’ve seen before. You can also choose different language specific channels on it. DIRECTV professionals say, “Spanish-language packages you can choose from.”


The subscription fees for satellite TV are lower than cable TV

Satellite TV is cheaper than cable TV because it has fewer channels. The average number of channels on any of the best best satellite tv packages  is around 200, while the average cable package has over 300.


Satellite TV is cheaper than cables TV because you can cancel at any time. If you don’t like what’s on, or if your favorite show isn’t available in your area, then there’s no reason to keep paying for something that doesn’t meet all your needs–and this flexibility allows users to save money while still enjoying their favorite programming options!


Satellite TV has better customer service

Satellite TV providers are more responsive than cable companies. If you have a problem with your satellite service, it’s easier to get a hold of someone who can help.


Satellite TV companies are more efficient than cable companies, so they’re able to offer better deals and services at lower prices than their competitors.


Satellite TV is easier to set up and use

The first thing to note is that satellite TV is actually easier to set up than cable. You don’t have to worry about running cables or drilling holes in your walls, so you can get it up and running in no time at all. In addition, satellite also offers more flexibility when it comes to placement options–you can place the dish anywhere outside without having any restrictions on how high or low it should be placed.


The second reason why satellite TV beats cable hands down is because of its user-friendliness: unlike cable boxes which require constant updating, updating a receiver takes only a few minutes! This makes life much easier for both customers and technicians alike because there are fewer problems involved when dealing with receivers compared with cable boxes (which often need fixing).


You can watch satellite TV even during a power outage

Satellite TV is not affected by power outages, weather conditions and internet outages. This makes it more reliable than cable for those who want to watch TV when the power goes out or when there’s a storm in the area.


Satellite TV is the clear winner when it comes to comparing cable TV with satellite TV. It has more channels, better customer service, easier setup and use, and you can even watch it during a power outage. The subscription fees are also lower than cable TV. 


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