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One of the biggest online marketplaces in the nation, Meesho Seller, provides a platform for vendors to list, market, and sell their goods. It is perfect for business owners who wish to begin operating in the e-commerce industry.The platform provides access to a big consumer base and is simple to use.


How does Meesho seller function?


Meesho sellers is India’s largest and most dependable marketplace for Resellers, who offer online product sales via Facebook and WhatsApp. Over 50,000 resellers rely on Meesho sellers to help them expand their online businesses by offering discounted hits. Best quality and a simple return policy Delivery to your door in all of India.


Are the items sold by Meesho sellers real?

At Meesho sellers, we ensure that only high-quality suppliers are hired by conducting stringent quality checks. We offer a simple return and exchange policy if the product quality falls short of expectations. In addition, we actively solicit post-delivery user feedback regarding product quality.


Is selling on Meesho free for sellers?

Meesho sellers can sign up for a free account and have their products listed for free. On Meesho sellers penalties for order cancellation, you keep 100% of the sale price without incurring any costs for either cash on delivery or payment gateway orders.


Is Meesho seller useful for product sales?

The best part is that reselling on a Meesho sellers does not require any investment, so there are no losses. Some people have stated that they have made over one lakh every month from it. The majority of resellers make up to Rs on average. 25000 monthly.


How do I make money selling Meesho?

With Meesho sellers, you can make money by selling fashion and lifestyle products on Facebook and Whatsapp. When you first open the app, you’ll see a huge selection of high-quality items from the best suppliers in the industry.


Does the Meesho seller sell used clothing?

You can make some extra cash on the side by selling your old clothes on Meesho Sellers. After all, it is a platform for reselling clothes that helps you sell clothes you won’t wear again at the lowest price possible.


Is Meesho only available in India?

In India, a platform called Meesho Sellers lets people resell products through their social networks.


What advantages are associated with selling on Meesho seller?


  • Meesho Seller is the ideal platform for business owners and stay-at-home moms who wish to launch a small-investment online venture.
  • Meesho sellers does not charge its sellers any commission.
  • The process of listing and selling products on Meesho seller is fairly easy.
  • Meesho seller has the lowest shipping costs on items.
  • Meesho sellers gives first-time sellers and small businesses the chance to reach a large customer base.


How can you sell items on Meesho seller?


Creating an account on the supplier. meesho seller.com is the first step in registering as a Meesho sellers. An account requires the following information:


  • You’re email and cell phone number 
  • Your GSTIN number
  • An active bank account linked to the GST number After providing the aforementioned information, you can proceed to enter the name of your online store and the address where orders must be picked up.


How can Meesho sellers accept orders?


Meesho seller gives you access to over 11 crore customers nationwide. Here are some suggestions for successfully luring those buyers.


A list of catalogs:

After uploading five to seven catalogs, you should anticipate receiving orders. The greater the number, the more likely it is that customers will notice your products.


determining the cost:

The costs and margins of the product are two aspects to take into account when determining the appropriate price. For increased customer appeal, it is also recommended to choose competitive pricing.


Utilizing the price suggestion tool:

With this tool, you can keep your products’ prices competitive and boost sales and visibility.


Choosing merchandise:

Listing products with the most recent features or a one-of-a-kind offering helps attract customers to your store.


Delivering goods via Meesho seller


Meesho seller notifies its sellers of a new order via email and an update on the Supplier Panel of Meesho seller.

Meesho seller’s logistics partner handles all of the deliveries, and the company claims to offer the lowest shipping rates on the items.

The steps for placing an order through the Meesho seller’s Supplier Panel 1 are listed below


Accept the directive

.Download the manifest and label

.The items should be packed and labeled

.Give the items to the logistic partner of the Meesho sellers.


What is the Meesho seller’s fee?

Meesho seller is a highly profitable platform for businesses to sell online because it does not charge any seller commissions for any of its product categories.

Fee for Registration Meesho Seller Doesn’t Charge a Fee for Registration You Can Create a Free Seller Account On The Platform

Payment gateway fees and cash-on-delivery orders are waived when the Collection Fee Meesho seller transfers the entire sale price to your account. There is no product collection fee.

Penalty The Meesho seller does not impose a penalty for canceling orders or similar situations.

Within seven days of the order’s delivery, the settlement amount is deposited directly into your bank account. The details are available on the Meesho seller Supplier Panel.




Meesho seller certainly facilitates the expansion of e-commerce businesses on the platform and provides numerous product marketing strategies. The access to tools, services, and audiences that an online marketplace provides can transform your business.

Having a website and interacting directly with customers is always advantageous, regardless of whether you sell on Meesho. A website can help you provide your customers with a better shopping experience and strengthen their connection to your brand.



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