A Concise Guide to a Simple Garden Overhaul 

Nobody’s going to blame you if, over recent months or even years, you simply haven’t had neither the time nor the inclination to keep on top of your garden overhaul either at the front or back of your property, or both.

So, providing you’re ready to get your gardening gloves on and wrap up tight to brave the elements, then this article is most definitely for you, as it’s a concise guide to a simple garden overhaul. 


Invest in the Proper Tools

Instead of hacking away at an overgrown hydrangea for half an hour with just an old pair of gardening scissors and some elbow grease, treating yourself to a small selection of new gardening tools will make things both quicker and easier. 

The following items of equipment are all you need to get your garden looking significantly more put-together in under a day:

  1. Wheelbarrow and garden bin bags (or a compost heap)
  2. Pruning shears
  3. Brush cutter or clearing saw 
  4. Secateurs
  5. Lawnmower
  6. Gloves, safety glasses, and other PPE, where applicable


Hire the Tree Professionals

The time and effort that you’ll have to commit, maybe even over several days, to properly and safely trim down your trees and bushes in the garden is most likely more, in both cases, than you might think. 

This is why there are a myriad of reasons why hiring a professional and experienced Tree Surgeon is a good idea, including the following, to name just a few:

  • Hazard removal and assessment as the job progresses
  • Ethical leaning to eco-friendly tools and actions
  • Experience of preserving old and protected trees
  • Professional trimming and pruning gear
  • Pest and disease management as part of the process 


Remove Every Single Weed in Sight 

Even those gardeners who fastidiously head out of a morning to check the lawn and inspect the flower beds for weeds will still find more than one little root which has escaped the cull. 

Get yourself some thick, durable and high-quality gardening gloves and methodically go through your whole garden removing every single sign of weeds, or else purchase a weed puller with an extra-long handle if you struggle with bending down and stretching for long periods of time. 


Paint Your Garden Shed, Fences, & Back Gate 

Just in the same way that a fresh coat of paint can transform a tired, faded, dull bedroom into an oasis of calm, the exact same can be said for your garden fences and outdoor furniture, too. 

Depending on your personal preference when it comes to colour scheme, there’s a huge selection of stains and paints that are specifically made to be weatherproof and windproof, so head to your local hardware shop and pick out a couple of tins. 


Buy Younger Plants & Play the Long Game 

Finally, when you’re shopping at the garden centre for new plants, flowers, and shrubs, you’ll be tempted to get the more expensive and more mature plants, mainly as you know they’re healthy and thriving, and also to add instant aesthetic impact.

Instead, buck this trend and go for much younger, more affordable plants which you can cultivate and help to thrive, which will bring you a greater sense of satisfaction in the long run. 

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