Beyond The Hype: Deconstructing The Aspire E-Cigarette Phenomenon

In the past decade, Aspire Vape Products have turned into one of the fastest-growing e-cigarette brands on the market today.  The Aspire brand has become a popular phenomenon in the world of vaping due to its disposable products, long-lasting battery life, juicy flavors, and every kind of kit to get beginner or experienced vapers started. Find out why Aspire continues to be an e-cigarette phenomenon.      


Aspire is a Social Media Sensation 

Since its inception in China in 2013, Aspire has become one of the top brands dominating the social media scene. The brand boasts over 236,000 followers across various main social media platforms due to consistent social media marketing efforts. Instagram currently accounts for 67% of Aspire’s followers. Today, Aspire is one of the top Chinese vape producers. Their vapes are sold across 30 countries. Brand ambassadors, promotional materials, and visual posts splashed across social media platforms, from Instagram to TikTok have helped publicize the brand and increase consumer engagement. Aspire’s company founder, entrepreneur Tuanfang Liu’s, efforts have helped boost Aspire’s rise to fame. He has become Vice-Chairman of the European Union E-cigarette Association in addition to serving as the Vice-Chairman of the Canada E-Cigarettes Association. Both these positions have helped expand the brand’s influence beyond the China market to become a global phenomenon. 

As a result, Aspire has a net worth estimated to be around $1.32 billion which has attracted many investors to the company. With its rapid growth within the e-cigarette industry, Aspire is known for pioneering multiple vape technologies. In fact, the brand’

s team has launched 200 patents to this date, while another 800 patents are pending for the Chinese, European, and American markets. 


Aspire Releases Innovative Products

Public-health awareness about the dangers of smoking cigarettes has increased in recent years due to the rise of popular e-cigarette options. As vape flavors and technology have evolved, this has coincided with an increased demand for e-cigarettes.  When Tuanfang Liu founded Aspire, he aimed to offer healthier, smoke-free vaping solutions that combined quality with innovation and the latest technology. Over 14 years of research, testing, and quality control have gone into producing the brand’s range of e-juices and vaping devices. Authorized Aspire distributors typically sell everything that a vaper needs to get going. This includes kits, pods, disposables, coils, and other accessories. 

For example, Aspire’s Nautilus series, as well as the company’s BVC coils, revolutionized the vaping process by pioneering techniques in flexible airflow. This has made the regular Nautilus vape tank and the Nautilus mini tank a favorite with vapers today. With their unique but simple design, Aspire’s Cleito tanks have upgraded user performance, while the 2014 Atlantis series initiated a new trend of sub-ohm vaping. This feature uses a stronger “mod” style of battery that produces intense bursts of flavor combined with larger aerosol clouds.

Two of the main reasons behind Aspire’s e-cigarette phenomenon are the company’s disruptive design approach and the quality-control manufacturing expertise that it brings to the table. 

The company has taken the time and spent the money to develop a reliable and skilled manufacturing team that combines the expertise of engineers, craftspeople, and top supplier partnerships. Even its senior management team has a combined experience level that totals more than 50 years in e-cigarette manufacturing. 

Aspire also established high-quality customer service and a secure network of over 150 official distributors in 30 countries to ensure that customers receive valid Aspire products in a fast and secure way.  


Aspire Has Won International Awards

The vaping company has also solidified its reputation as a leading vape manufacturer due to its award-winning status as a globally acclaimed e-cigarette brand.

The company has won multiple awards (based on user votes) that include the VTC, ECC, and NVE awards. In 2021, Aspire also obtained a PMTA Acceptance letter which means that they are well on the road to meeting the criteria for approval by the FDA


Over the past 10 years, Aspire has become an international vaping phenomenon due to its commitment to testing and quality, its innovative technological advances, reliable customer service, and award-winning status which has helped popularize the brand on social media.


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