Celebrity Chefs Who Became MasterChef Judges

Culinary terms and exotic recipes Masterchef have always been topics of discussion among elite groups

of diners. It has only been a decade since the glossary of culinary lingo became popular

amongst common households, all thanks to food television and cooking reality shows like



Aired in multiple countries, MasterChef has successfully spotted the #1 position in the

cooking genre. It has become a staple culinary show of most households due to the culinary

battles, surprises, spontaneity, and reactions. Every year, the audience gets to see talented

contestants and top celebrity chefs as masterchef judges.


While several other cooking reality shows run on an instructional format, MasterChef

allows the audience to learn cooking interesting dishes along with enjoying onscreen

conflicts and backstage dramas.


Over the years, MasterChef has won the hearts of millennials across the world and made recipes

people fall in love with food. It’s the only cookery show on television that brings a smile to

everyone’s faces and helps ordinary home cooks enhance their culinary skills.


One of the biggest reasons behind the immense popularity of MasterChef is the show’s

judges. The show invites some of the top chefs in the world as judges who set the bar higher

and sharpen the audiences’ food vocabulary.


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Coming back to the headline, here’s a list of renowned chefs who turned up to judge the

top-notch culinary show, MasterChef.


Gordon Ramsay


This Michelin-starred famous British celebrity chef and restaurateur have become a

household name due to his encouraging, kind, friendly, and at the same time, stern

mentorship toward the MasterChef contestants. His care for the contestants’ well beings

and helping them improve on their mistakes have impressed the audience beyond

everything. His presence as a judge really mattered, improving the overall appeal of the

show. Apart from MasterChef, this TV sensation has been a significant part of other shows

like Kitchen Nightmares, Hell's Kitchen, Hotel Hell, and 24 Hours to Hell and Back.


Maggie Beer


Maggie Beer is one of the warmest and best personalities that MasterChef ever got. Her

motherly presence in the show made all contestants and viewers happy. She became an

inspiration not only for the contestants but also for thousands of home cooks who viewed

the show all across the globe. For someone who has never undergone formal chef training,

receiving such love and respect from millennials is really magnificent. Her culinary skills

are a result of 5 years of practice and experience and as of now, she runs an outdoor eatery

in the Barossa valley in Australia named “The Farm”.


Sanjeev Kapoor


This Indian celebrity chef, entrepreneur, and author is one of the best and first chefs in the

world to own a 24/7 food channel. Not only that, but he also managed to win a number of

awards, the most prestigious being Padma Shri, the fourth-highest Indian badge of honor.

He helped millions of Indian home cooks enrich, evolve, and enhance their culinary skills

through TV shows like Khana Khazana and MasterChef. Although he was a part of the panel

of masterchef judges, his presence in the show was an exceptional moment in itself. His

30+ years of cookery skills and Indian culinary industry knowledge helped the contestants

improve their cooking techniques. Most importantly, the culinary tips and tricks given by

the chef in the show inspired millions of ordinary home cooks to rediscover the amazing

world of great recipes.


If Sanjeev Kapoor and Tarla Dalal made Indian cuisine and recipes a staple of Indian homes,

Vikas Khanna took it to new heights, by introducing it into the global culinary industry.

This Indian chef worked in several American restaurants and has been hosting every season

of MasterChef since 2011. His presence in the show made all the difference as he helped the

contestants learn how to improvise Indian staple dishes with a hint of western flavors. He is

one of the best judges the show ever had. Apart from MasterChef, Vikas has hosted Twist of

Taste, Hell’s Kitchen, and Throwdown! with Bobby Flay. He is an inspiration for every

aspiring Indian chef, and as of now, he opened a restaurant in New York, named “Junoon”.


Hopefully, this blog helped you get acquainted with some of the most renowned chefs in

the world who turned up to judge the top-notch culinary show, MasterChef. To learn more

about the show, its contestants, judges’ reactions, and backstage drama, consider checking

out a cooking simulation or farm game!


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