CUET Preparation strategy for Accounts/Commerce students

The NTA CUET has grown into the country’s most comprehensive admission exam. This year’s contest will be intense, with 53 core institutions taking part in the entrance exam. So, CUET preparation must be strong.

This exam will be tough, and the risk is very high, especially for commerce students, because there is a lot of stress due to board examinations in class 12th.

As we all know, the exam is in July, so it is essential to formulate an effective strategy and make a schedule to prepare for the CUET exam. If you are good at the domain exam of CUET, the domain exam is related to the main subject which you have studied till class 12th.


For example, a commerce student who studied accountancy/Economics till class 12th can easily qualify the domain exam of CUET.

Today in this article, we will help you with how to form the right strategy and how you can manage your time with the help of some points mentioned below.

CUET Preparation Tips 2022

Before you start your studies for Common Universities Entrance Test (CUET), it is very significant to plan a strategy on which subject you want to focus more, which is your weak area, clear your doubts instantly, multiple times revision is the key to success, and where you do not need to put more effort because you are good at that subject.


You should know the eligibility criteria for the CUET exam and go through the previous year’s papers to understand the exam pattern and what type of questions are asked by the examiner.


Complete your Syllabus at a fixed time and start giving the mock to know where you are standing right now.


Understand the Exam Pattern


The amount of questions is the same for all colleges; however, the paper pattern varies. As a result, understanding the paper pattern for a specific university is critical to passing the admissions test.

The CUET exam, the exam comprises 4 sections:

  • Section A: 13 languages
  • Section B: 19 languages
  • Section C: domain-based exam (the major subject you have studied till class 12th)
  • section D: General test

In sections A & B combined, you have to attempt 40 questions out of 50 in each language, and you will get 45 minutes for this.


Again, in section C, you have to attempt 40 questions out of 50, and you will get 45 minutes for your domain-based examination.


In the last general test, you have to attempt 60 questions out of 75, and you will get 60 minutes to complete this section.


Tips for completing Syllabus on time


  • prepare a list of chapters
  • According to personal observation and judgment, divide them into strengths and weaknesses segments.
  • After concluding any subject, write notes and analyze everything after every week.


CUET mock strategy


After completing the Syllabus, it is most important to evaluate yourself and where you are standing in the competition. Mocks also help the aspirant make him comfortable with the exam day atmosphere.

Students can learn various questions and predict important questions with the assistance of the CUET mock exam 2022. As a result, taking many CUCET 2022 practice tests will boost your chances of passing the CUET 2022 exam.


The main strategy for CUET 2022 preparation


  • Study a section and compile a list of significant themes, terminologies, and formulae to aid in revising.
  • After you’ve finished studying a section or subject, analyze how much you remember and how nicely you comprehend it; this will be included in your self-evaluation.
  • Then, using the concepts you’ve learned, practice the problems. When answering problems, don’t just stare at the solution; understand it, evaluate it, and correct any errors you find.
  • Solve sample paper before giving mock tests, get acquainted with the exam pattern, difficulty level, and how much time one ques take to solve.
  • The secret to winning is revision. Always recall revisiting the areas you finished in a day since clearing the CUET 2022 will be tough without it.
  • Always clarify your concepts and problems. You must approach the CUET exam with a positive mindset.
  • Avoid using obsolete study materials and stick to the recommended study materials.
  • Take a break or short nap after a continuous study to rejuvenate your mind after a tiring study.




That’s all in this article. We have tried to cover all areas of the CUET exam, from exam pattern to strategy and how to implement strategy effectively. We are very hopeful that you have cleared most of your doubts about the CUET exam after reading this article.

All the best for your examination.




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