Diablo 4 – Diablo Immortal Collaboration Event Expected For Early June

Fans all over the world are clamouring for a new Diablo experience, and the upcoming Diablo 4 is expected to quench that thirst once it releases in just a week from now.


That being said, if you’re a Diablo Immortal player too, there’s good news coming: great Diablo 4 events are going to be held for the handheld game as well!


Diablo Immortal has been receiving fairly regular updates to its gameplay and features throughout its first year after launching in June 2022.


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Now, it’s closing in on its first (1st) anniversary, which coincides with Diablo 4’s release too!


To commemorate both games, the developers have already planned a collaboration event in Diablo Immortal, each being:


  • Merciless Monstrosity event
  • Children of Lilith (Battle Pass)
  • Hatred’s Heritage (Phantom Market)


Furthermore, a new in-game zone and character class will also be introduced early next month, so there’s a lot of new content to be enjoyed in just a week’s time.


The particular region that’s going to be added is an island called Ancients’ Cradle, and you’ll be needed to help the local residents solve all the troubles that’s been brewing there.


In terms of the latest class, not much has been shown yet, although the developers have noted that it focuses on mid-range combat, using a traditional weapon in hand.


The Amazon, perhaps?


We’ll find out soon enough, when they’re finally added into the game soon!


Coming back to the Diablo 4 x Diablo Immortal crossover, you can expect new narratives that explore the marks left behind by Inarius and Lilith’s lifelong conflict for Sanctuary.


Knowing that Diablo Immortal occurs between Diablo 2 and Diablo 3, both Diablo 4 antagonists will definitely not feature in physical form inside the mobile game, so the Merciless Monstrosity event will likely involve other parties that might make appearances in the new game next month.


For its upcoming Children of Lilith battle pass, tons of cool-looking, hellish cosmetics are believed to be offered, in line with Lilith’s return to Sanctuary in Diablo 4.


Leaked images have shown the possible skins that we can expect coming from the latest battle pass, all of them taking inspiration from Lilith’s appearance herself, with dark materials, reddish blood particles abound, and big horns adoring helm pieces.


Prior to all these, though, to welcome them into Diablo Immortal, a few current events are already in place, primarily the Dread of Pilgrimage limited-time quest line.


In-game, you’ll come across the remains of an ancient chapel, and inside, there will be a statue surrounded by four (4) large windows, each representing different images.


Every week, starting from June, each of these mirrors will unlock a challenge for you to complete, and after completing all four (4) within the next month, the statue itself will offer you a final challenge, something that is still kept secret by the developers.


These challenges will primarily involve defeating powerful monsters, and one of them includes an encounter with Ashava, the World Boss of Diablo 4 too!


Excited to play Diablo Immortal now, with an eye out for Diablo 4 this June?


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