Fast Divorce in Huntsville — Is it Possible?

The court holds uncontested divorces for 30 days after they are filed. As written in detail below by The Harris Firm, LLC, other than the waiting period of 30 days, the following can stall an uncontested divorce:


  1. The inability to provide your lawyer with all the information necessary to draft the uncontested documents. The preparation of the documents is impeded in the absence of addresses, asset listings, and income information.
  2. Lack of timely document execution by either party. The delay is usually the result of one party’s refusal to budge.
  3. The documents are either not notarized or signed in the correct jurisdiction. Sticky notes are not helping, as we still have documents returned with inaccurate signatures.
  4. Each side has a change of heart. If you want your divorce to go well, write down the conditions before handing them over to your lawyer.
  5. Not covering the necessary expenses. You will have to pay more than just your lawyer’s fee if you go to court to get a divorce. These fees are required to guarantee the filing of the documents.
  6. Choosing to ignore your lawyer’s or their staff’s requests for information. Sometimes, your lawyer will need extra information from you, and if you take too long to respond, the paperwork will not be filed on time.
  7. If neither party has been a resident of the State for the preceding six months, jurisdictional concerns arise. The deadline to file is six months after the event. If you and your partner do not share a residence in a state on this list, additional jurisdictional questions may arise.
  8. Both sides start to quarrel. The uncontested papers remain in limbo until the parties can work out their differences, even though they are complete and ready for signing.
  9. One party desires to deliver the documents to another attorney. In an unopposed case, one lawyer can handle everything from drafting the papers to getting them signed and notarized in order to file the case. However, if the parties have not collaborated on the terms, one of them may decide to consult an attorney. If this happens, the process will likely take far longer as the lawyers go back and forth.
  10. A party backs out of the divorce voluntarily. There is no guarantee that the party will sign until they are served, even if they have already said that they intend to do so.
  11. Everyone hopes for a quick and easy divorce, but as you can see, there are several potential roadblocks.


Speak to a divorce lawyer today!


It is always a better idea to speak to a divorce lawyer who can guide you throughout the process. Additionally, they will help you speed up the divorce process and ensure it falls in your favor. 


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