How does weed killer destroy weeds but not grass?

Having a strong healthy lawn is the best way to prevent weed from growing in the first place. A lush vibrant lawn with strong robust roots helps prevent weeds from flourishing by blocking them from competing for valuable nutrients in the soil. 

Mowing your lawn regularly at the recommended height is another way to prevent weeds from propagating in your lawn. 

Weed killer for lawns is a valuable product used by many to keep their lawns in fighting form. Whether you are trying to achieve or maintain that lush golf course lawn, weed killers for lawns can be your best friend if you understand how they work. Weed killers for lawns are specially formulated to kill weeds but not grass. You can purchase nonselective weed killers that kill everything in ornamental beds and on sidewalks, but you don’t want to use those on your lawn. 

Here’s how weeds killer for lawns works. 

Using Weed Killers Properly

The key to using weed killer for lawns properly is to use as little as possible and still be effective. When people think of weed killer for lawns, they often assume that using more is better because it will kill more weeds but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The right way to use weed killer for lawns is to buy enough time to grow a strong healthy lawn that can fight the emergence of weeds in the first place. 

Liquid weeds killer for lawns tends to work quickly but they are strong and more likely to harm grass. However, they are easier to mix for a weed and feed approach. Granular weed killer for lawns is easier to apply but works a little slower. They are better for beginners or targeted applications.

Weed Killer for Lawns

Pre-emergent weeds killer for lawns is an herbicide that blocks the germination process in weeds. It is best applied before the soil reaches optimum growing temperatures to prevent weeds from growing in the first place. Post-emergent weed killer for lawns is for killing established weeds in your grass. They are best applied when weeds are actively growing in the spring or fall months. 

Some weed killer for lawns, like Tenacity Herbicide, can be used as either a pre- or post-emergent and the bottle will include directions for both. It will kill or combat a variety of weeds while being safe for multiple types of grass. Be sure that you select an herbicide that targets the specific weeds you have in your lawn. 

Extra Products to Reclaim Your Lawn

After you choose between a granular and a liquid weed killer for lawns, you may want to opt for additional products to help move things along. For instance, turf dyes can promote even the application of liquid herbicides to prevent over-application and patchiness. Surfactants can improve the performance of your chosen herbicide by increasing the translocation and promoting absorption. Sometimes you can even purchase a complete herbicide kit which includes a warm or cool-weather herbicide, a surfactant, and a marker dye.

Keep Your Lawn Beautiful

The best way to keep your lawn beautiful and healthy is with a regular maintenance routine. Cutting your grass consistently at the recommended height and using the right weed killer for lawns is just the first step. Consider products like turf dyes and surfactants to make your herbicide more effective. Then choose between biostimulants and high-quality fertilizers to make your lawn care routine simple. Remember that the most effective weed control is a vibrant healthy lawn with strong roots that prevents weeds from sprouting in the first place. 


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