Is It Profitable to Swap MCO (CRO) to BTC Now?

The Monaco (MCO) token was the official crypto of, one of the most popular crypto-sphere platforms in the world. Before it was rebranded to CRO, it was commonly traded against other popular digital tokens, including Bitcoin. Of course, it’s not as popular as the swap XMR to BTC trading pair, but still, there are many interested traders. Let’s quickly explore the two assets and see what we can expect from them in the future.

What Do We Know About MCO?

MCO or Monaco was the official token of the project, which started in 2016 to help people around the globe have better control of their funds, identity, and data. Nowadays, the platform features more than seventy million users.


The platform was originally named Monaco but was later rebranded to Still, the name remained for the coin for some time before the coin itself was decommissioned, and a new coin called Cronos (CRO) was introduced. It has become quite popular nowadays. has many projects underway at the moment. For example, there’s even an MCO prepaid card that can help customers easily buy and spend their crypto, and that’s just one of the many projects by

MCO Price Prediction

Even though CRO is popular, it’s nowhere near the popularity of the #1 crypto, Bitcoin. Still, many actively trade the two cryptocurrencies.


According to PricePrediction, MCO can reach an average price of $0.85 per coin by 2024. In five years, the price will likely go up to $2.51 for a single coin, reaching $13.63 by 2032.


DigitalCoinPrice also has a positive forecast, although it seems more realistic compared to PricePrediction, as it claims the coin will reach $0.19 by 2024 and $1.51 by 2032.


All in all, CRO is likely to increase in the future, according to all the major predictions.

Is It Worth It to Switch to BTC Now?

Everyone is familiar with Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency in the world, which reshaped how we perceive money. Bitcoin had its ups and downs and is pretty volatile, but it’s still the #1 crypto, with millions of users and traders around the globe. The only crypto that threatens to overtake BTC’s throne is ETH, and that’s why many actively make a BTC to ETH exchange. The vast majority still has trust that BTC will take over the world and decide to hold it instead.


So, is it worth buying BTC? Well, the popular crypto certainly isn’t going anywhere. Even though it’s experiencing a dip in price, this will definitely change in the future due to its high volatility. 

BTC Price Forecast

Let’s see what the price prediction sites are claiming about the future of Bitcoin.


PricePrediction is still very positive about Bitcoin, claiming that the average will likely reach $42,703 by 2024. The value will keep increasing, with the price reaching $188,490 by 2028 and as much as $925,929 per BTC in 2032.


DigitalCoinPrice’s forecast suggests that the price of BTC by 2024 will reach $52,560 and will increase to $114,672. The price in 2032 will increase to $408,403.


Both predictions are very optimistic, as are many other sources we checked. So far, despite the ups and downs, Bitcoin’s price has been steadily increasing, and there’s no reason not to continue to do so in the near future.

Time to Choose the Best Option

CRO is not as popular as BTC, but many traders include it in their trading strategies. If you want to swap MCO (that is CRO) for BTC or the other way around, make sure to use a secure and trustworthy crypto exchange, such as Godex, which offers a fast and anonymous way to trade your cryptocurrencies. 

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