Nursing Home Fall Accidents: Causes and Prevention

Every day, there is an elderly person who experiences a dangerous (and sometimes deadly) slip-and-fall accident at their nursing home. This problem has spread rapidly and is one of the most common injuries nursing home residents sustain. By understanding the problem further, you can be ready to help your loved one if they fall victim to a fall accident: 

Can Nursing Homes be Held Liable for Fall Accidents?


Victims or their families may hold nursing facilities accountable for falls that take place there and the injuries they cause when staff fails to keep the residents’ surroundings safe. Families that decide to place their loved ones in nursing homes logically anticipate that they will receive the standard of care they merit. Because of their fragility, falls among nursing home patients frequently result in serious injuries, and some even prove deadly. For this reason, keeping nursing home residents aware of fall hazards, and removing these hazards from their living spaces, is key. Every resident is entitled to safety, and staff members are obligated to provide it. Failing to do so may be considered neglect. Victims and their families can hold the facility responsible for the harm they inflicted with the aid of a nursing home fall attorney.


There are concrete laws that describe how safety rules and high-quality care are established in skilled nursing institutions, which include nursing homes. According to the law, facilities are required to provide care in a way that preserves or improves each resident’s quality of life and meets all of their needs. In addition, nursing homes must be built with the proper design, construction, and equipment to safeguard the health and safety of their residents. Nursing homes can avoid falls and the damage they cause if they follow certain regulatory criteria. Facilities expose their occupants to significant and even fatal injuries by failing to provide a safe and healthy environment for them. Understanding your loved one’s rights as a nursing home patient can help you keep them protected, and legally cared for in the case of a tragic fall accident at their nursing home. It’s crucial to remember that you and your loved one are entitled to financial compensation if nursing home abuse or neglect leads them to be injured (or killed) in a nursing home fall accident. 

What Causes Nursing Home Fall Accidents?


There are many different causes and hazards that contribute to nursing homes fall accidents occurring. Vision issues, physical disabilities, improperly maintained equipment, improper medication management, poor lighting, wet floors, cluttered and unclean spaces, as well as limited mobility issues, can all be attributed to these accidents. The risk of falling in the elderly can be reduced by doctors prescribing specific drugs and dietary supplements. By offering support and resources as needed, nursing home employees can also reduce these hazards. Professional nursing home staff are trained to help prevent the types of hazards that can lead to slip-and-fall accidents. When they fail to perform this duty, the case can be made that the nursing home’s neglect led to your loved one’s fall accident. 

How to Report a Nursing Home Fall Accident


The majority of states demand yearly inspections to verify that nursing facilities adhere to federal regulations. Families have a right to bring up concerns when they see indications that a loved one may not be receiving proper care at a nursing home without fear of retaliation. You have a right to know the circumstances behind a loved one’s fall in a nursing facility. The staff can be contacted with any issues or worries you may have, and they should be resolved as soon as possible. You might want to take the matter to the nursing home management if they are unable to address it, where you can learn more about the facility’s grievance policy. For additional inquiries, you can also report the problem to the ombudsman office or state licensing office. Staying proactive about seeking out the cause of a suspicious fall is key in helping your loved one receive justice and the financial compensation that they deserve for their emotional and physical suffering. 

Understanding is Half the Battle


The more effort you put into watching out for your elderly loved one’s health, the more likely you are to spot hazardous conditions before a dangerous (or deadly) slip-and-fall accident occurs. By staying vigilant, and being there for your loved one emotionally, you can help them navigate this difficult time. Seeking out the assistance of an experienced nursing home abuse attorney can prove invaluable during this time as well. 

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