Pros and cons of using tracking apps for kids

What do teenagers want? Be free, independent, and trusted by parents. What do parents want? Be always sure that their kids are safe and sound. Unfortunately, these desires don’t match and often cause disputes. While children want to go out and unwind, their parents can’t just let them, being worried about their security. What’s the way out of this dilemma?

Fortunately, our highly-technological world has a brilliant solution for parents who are worried about their kid’s location – a GPS tracker. This is an application designed specifically for those who are concerned about kids’ safety and daily movements. While such a function seems to be a helping hand for many parents, there are still doubts about the balance of parental control and trust issues. If you are still in two minds about the usage of a tracking application, let’s compare its benefits and downsides and see which side takes the lead. 


The advantages of tracking applications

  1. Inner security

The first and foremost benefit is related to security, as it is the reason for everything. Parents can track the location of their kids at any time of the day. While growing children are expanding the net of activities, visiting after-school classes, walking out with friends, or simply going back home for school on their own. Instead of the constant ‘school call’, ‘lunch call’, or ‘already-at-home call’, you can simply check the location, making sure everything is okay. Besides, imagine a teenager, who is supposed to report to the parents about the location every few hours – it’s embarrassing. 

  1. More freedom for kids

This benefit sounds like a far cry from reality, as people typically think of freedom violations by the usage of tracking apps. However, it’s rather beneficial for kids. Just think of it. Parents often refuse to let their children go outside and spend time with friends due to security issues. However, everything can be changed when you install the GPS tracker for kids. Children can go outside, go shopping, spend quality time with friends, and parents will always have peace of mind as they can check the location of the kids, or, in the case of an emergency, listen to the surrounding, which just tops up the pyramid of security. 

  1. Kids feel more secure

Despite demonstrative confidence, children don’t always feel like that inside. Understanding that there is an invisible connection with parents will also bring them tranquility and make them relaxed. Especially, when it’s an early-teen age and they haven’t been used to spending time without being observed and secured from anything that can be harmful. 

  1. All-family-beneficial

The tracking applications are developed for parents and kids, however, why not benefit other members of the family? Unfortunately, when people get old, they may have memory issues and get lost, and not always can they be found. Why not use the application for seniors who require special attention and vigilance? The same approach can be applied to other members of the family. Does your partner get home late at night and you get anxious? Why not check the location with the help of the tracking application instead of calling all the time? 


The usage of a tracking application can unite the whole family, making you all connected by an invisible thread of security. 


The disadvantages of tracking applications

  1. Crossing the line

Keeping tabs on the family is definitely a useful practice in our turbulent times. However, there should be a balance of control and rules for observation. Some parents become so obsessed with all the tracking, that they forget about any privacy and trust issues. It is important to set boundaries and follow them steadily. If every step of the person is checked and questioned, such care will be suffocating, creating tense relationships with kids, and quite a negative family atmosphere. 

Besides, constant and strict control will create adolescents, who will flee their families once they turn 18 and just go wild. 

  1. No experience

No matter how hard we want to keep kids secure, they need to learn to behave in society, make their choices, and learn to say “no” to something they don’t want to do. If they always grow in ideal conditions, created specifically for them, they will hardly ever reach the state of maturity and all the life lessons will be too tough. 

  1. More secrets

The more you want to know, the more kids will hide. Don’t be pushy and too curious about everything. Let your children come and talk to you willingly. The moment they feel you are in the ‘authority’ position, instead of just listening and being understanding, the bonds of trust vanish. 


The practical usage of tracking applications can’t be overestimated. They can be used as a bridge from childhood to adolescence, with a gradual decline of parents’ control and help. Moreover, they can help to track the whole family, in the case of an emergency. However, such a beneficial impact may be eliminated if there’s too much control and observation. Instead, it will just lead to a constant fight for more space. Therefore, keep your head cool, be reasonable, and enjoy how your kids and becoming responsible and confident grown-ups. 


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