Trends In Business Events in 2023 How To Make Yours A Success

Few things are more daunting in the workplace than being told you need to plan a business events!

There are many things to consider, and it is easy to focus on minor details rather than the bigger picture. After all, you want your event to be a success, and frankly, few people are going to care if there is quiche Lorraine at the buffet you put out!

So, how do you ensure that the business event that you put together is a success?

Unique Settings

Most people who have attended a conference have pulled up at a typical, dull, boring event room in the middle of a city. So, why not spice it up a bit?

Following COVID-19, the cost of hiring historic conference rooms has dropped as these settings are trying to get as many people to engage and book them as they can. Ergo, it is the perfect time to book a large, stately home outside the city for a business event rather than Meeting Room B at the local library! This will make the event more fun and will also make the setting itself an interesting talking point for your guests!


In the last few years, rentals on places where events can be held have jumped up a bit. 

In 2022, event places had been estimated to have jumped up by 22%, and this is set to climb higher in 2023 and beyond.

So, not surprisingly, businesses are looking for ways to save costs when it comes to hosting events without cutting back on the quality of the events themselves. It may be worth looking into promoting the event on social media and looking for foods to serve that are tasty but don’t cost the earth. Also, while it may seem cringy, try to cut costs by doing all of the set-ups yourself.

Digital Elements

Unsurprisingly, digital parts of business events have become more common in the last few years, with many in-person meetings now also allowing people to attend via video app.

Of course, this goes far beyond setting up a computer to run a presentation. Digital elements that can be used at a business event in 2023 include digital touchpoints. Why? Because this allows the event holders or businesses to assess which parts of the event were engaged with the most, allowing you to assess the overall success of the meetings.


OK, so many people remember when business events came with buffets that had disposable cups and cutlery. Not so in 2023!

The world is looking to become more sustainable, so it is important to reflect this at any business event you put together. This will mean offering traditional China cups, regular cutlery, and, of course, ensuring that all of these are cleaned professionally afterward! Aim to serve food that is sustainably sourced and ensure that an array of diets are catered for.

Post-Event Analytics

This is not so much a trend related to the event itself but rather an afterthought that is important and is trending at the current time.

You will need to analyze who did what at the event that you set up, as well as see which parts of the event had the most engagement while also assessing the formats and any speakers that you have hired. This will ensure that future events are a success and will provide you with a base point to learn from if there were any errors!

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