Ways You Can Use Your Phone to Actually Boost Your Grades in College

Mobile phones have a huge impact on a student’s life. They allow more students access to the internet. Since students have phones with them everywhere, it’s a great learning tool. For example, students can use their phone to access paper writing services with experts in every subject who can help with assignments.

Since a subject expert will have done the work, it will be high-quality, translating to a good score. Here’s more on how college students can use their phones to improve their grades.

Get Relevant Information

With an internet-enabled phone, a student can access educational resources available online. That means you can read online content if you want to supplement what you have already been taught in class. Just ensure it’s from a reputable site, preferably information from a subject expert. 

You can read journals, books, newspapers, and other educational content using your phone. The information gained will be useful in doing homework and acing exams, ultimately leading to a better overall grade. Moreover, alarms are a great tool for ensuring you arrive in class on time. This will play a huge role in understanding the course and ultimately getting good grades. 

Alarms Are Your Friends

To score top marks, you need good time management. Phone alarms can help you with that. You can even set the alarm for an upcoming exam or as a reminder that it’s time to study. Another efficient way students can use their phones to improve their academic performance is by using the Pomodoro technique. It’s based on setting the alarm for 25 minutes and then studying during that time. 

When the alarm goes off, the student sets another alarm for a 5-minute break, after which they return to studying. Using this technique allows you to study for longer without getting distracted, improving your productivity. Students who are more productive are more likely to have better academic performance. 

Listen to Audiobooks

Everyone has their own unique way of absorbing information through a specific or combination of various learning styles. Audiobooks a particularly great for auditory learners as they prefer to listen or hear as it helps to process the information better and faster. 

Audiobooks can be downloaded, stored on the phone, and accessed when needed. Besides, a student can also repeat the audiobook until they have understood the content at a deeper level. 

Record Lectures for Later Listening

Most phones have good audio-capturing software that students can use to record a lecture and listen later. That way, they can review and synthesize the information, reinforcing it in long-term memory. Besides, listening to the lecture a second time is a great strategy for crosschecking your information, taking better notes, and filling in any learning gaps. 

Overall, college students with a learning gap not just in one subject but across their whole education will benefit from hiring a tutor or learning from an online subject expert. The problem is that with numerous platforms available, it can be challenging to determine who is a professional and who is not. 

Luckily before settling on a specific platform, you can research more about the company. For example, students needing writing help can read a masterpapers review before deciding if the company suits them. 

Make Use of YouTube

As aforementioned, they are different types of learners. Some learn better when they see the lecture. Videos are also great educational sources, especially if you can’t find the information you want to learn about in journals or textbooks. Besides, the learning process becomes fun since you’ll be utilizing both audio and video. If learning is fun, a college student is likelier to engage more with the material, which translates to better grades on assignments and exams. 

Install Appropriate Apps

Did you know that as a college student, you can set up your phone to boost your productivity? That involves installing apps that make studying smooth. The trick is to identify which subject you are struggling to comprehend. Then install an app with educational content for that specific subject that you can easily read even when on the go. 

On the other hand, if you’re having problems concentrating, download an app on your phone that can help you increase focus. This can include an app for meditation or those that produce calming sounds. Another way to set up your phone to boost your productivity and improve grades is to have apps that eliminate all distractions, especially when studying. That way, you do more each day and, eventually, improve your academic performance. 


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