What If Your Car Gets Damaged While Its Towing?

What If Your Car Gets Damaged While Its Towing?


Any damage to your car while it is being towed is an upsetting and distressing experience. To make sure you manage the situation well, though, you must maintain your composure, as suggested by a car accident attorney in Stockton. You must also know what happens next. This article is a complete guide on what happens if your car is damaged when towed. Here we go!  

Things To Do If Towed Car Is Damaged

1. Analyze The Damage

Before moving forward, examine the damage of your car carefully. Take close pictures of the damage from various angles. To give a thorough picture, be careful to take both close-up and broader views.

2. Reach Out To The Towing Company

Speak with the towing firm handling the delivery of your car. Look for identification on the towing vehicle or obtain their contact information from any paperwork you may have gotten during the trip. Give them an explanation of the circumstances and specifics of the harm incurred.

3. Document The Tow Truck

Make a note of the towing truck’s details, including the firm name, license plate number, and any other identifying information. All this information is important to analyze who is responsible for the damage and insurance purposes.

4. Take Contact Details Of Eyewitnesses

Collect phone numbers and email of the eyewitness. When submitting an insurance claim, witness testimonies might be helpful in supporting your account of what happened.

5. Check The Insurance Coverage

To learn about your coverage for losses sustained while towing, review your auto insurance policy. Certain plans may cover such circumstances but not others. Go through the T&C carefully.

6. File A Police Report

Involving legal enforcement may be warranted, depending on the extent of the damage. Make a report outlining the circumstances surrounding the damage and get in touch with the local police. 

7. Inform The Insurance Company

The insurance company must know about the incident. Give them all the pertinent information, such as witness statements, police reports, towing business details, and photocopies. Observe their advice regarding the following steps in the claims procedure.

Wrapping Up

If your car gets towed, it is best to hire an attorney, as they can help you navigate the process. They will protect your interest and get damage compensation.  


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