What Is Contractor General Liability Insurance and How to Get It?

You’re working hard towards building your business and the more you grow, the more you become aware of the risks you’re facing on a daily basis Liability. As well as of the consequences that could ensue from some of those risks. Even a tiny accident can set you back years and years, preventing your business from growing and from becoming big in the particular industry. Not what you want to happen, is it?

Well, if it isn’t, then you’ll need to take the necessary steps towards getting properly protected. One of the concepts you’ll need to get familiar with in the process of protecting your business is general liability insurance. It could just be the thing you need to keep everything and everyone safe.

You’ve heard of this concept in the past, but you’re not exactly sure what it entails? Well, it’s time for you to find out. Understanding what general liability insurance is and why it is so important for contractors will definitely lead you towards wanting to get one for yourself as soon as possible. So, that’s the next topic we’ll cover as well, helping you find and get the perfect insurance solution for your business.

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What Is General Liability Insurance for Contractors?

So, what exactly is general liability insurance for contractors? It is the type of insurance that protects you in the event your work results in bodily injuries or property damage. Construction work is rather risky, so there is always the possibility of someone getting hurt or of an accident damaging the property of a third party. While everyone will do their best that none of this happens, the truth is that you should be prepared if it does.

Having the right coverage will keep you protected. It will provide support for the legal fees, as well as payment for the settlements that you would have otherwise had to pay for out of your own pocket. Attorney fees, court costs, judgements for covered claims and settlements will all be covered by these policies. Furthermore, most great ones will also cover copyright infringement, as well as libel and slander.

Understanding how these policies work has probably led to automatically understanding why they are so important. In case of an accident, these will protect your finances, and thus prevent huge losses and problems in the overall functioning of your business. Additionally, clients are often far more likely to work with contractors that hold general liability insurance, which is another reason why you should get it.

How to Get It?

You’re probably clear on the reasons why you should get it, as you get the importance of keeping yourself financially protected in the event of an accident. What may be worrying you, though, is the actual process of getting the right policy for yourself. General Liability insurance is offered by numerous different insurance carriers, so it is no wonder that you may be confused about how to choose the best option for your business. Let me, however, make things easier.

Working With Brokers Is the Right Thing to Do

As explained, it’s normal for you to be confused in the searching and choosing processes. The good thing, though, is that there are professionals that certainly won’t be confused about it, and that will do their best to cater to your specific needs and ultimately find you the most perfect policy. Those professionals are known as insurance brokers.

Working with brokers is absolutely the right thing to do here. With access to numerous insurance companies, these professionals will know precisely how to find the solution that will work perfectly for your specific situation. Even though contractors all face similar risks, those can still differ from one contractor to another, and the brokers will take your specific risks into account when searching for the right policy for you.

Choose Wisely

It should go without saying, of course, that choosing your brokers wisely is a must. You want to work with those experts that have been in this business for a long time now and that have access to a lot of insurance carriers. Furthermore, you also want those brokers to be trustworthy and reputable, which is why reading some reviews written about them will also be of help. Anyway, the point is that you should research more of them and then make a wise choice.

Take Time to Compare Policies

Once you get offered certain solutions after the brokers have done their part of the work, you’ll need to take your time to compare those policies in details. Check everything that is covered, so that you can see if your requirements are met and if you’ll be protected against the specific risks you’re facing. Then, also check the fees of the policies. Take time to assess the quality of the offered solutions and to choose the one you believe could be best for your business.

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