What Makes The Pocket Knives Versatile For Both Indoors And Outdoors?

With the evolution of so many gadgets and technologies, the pocket knife is a true companion that can’t be replaced with any other hi-tech tool. This underrated tool is a great helping hand for adventurers, explorers, and many other people. Being pocket friendly makes these knives a multi-functional tool. They are not just restricted to cutting or chopping but they are indeed a true companion when in need. Read further to learn the versatility of pocket knives. This article will take you along with various uses of pocket knives that you might have not known earlier.

Indoor Uses

  • Opening Packages: Amazon deliveries are just an everyday thing nowadays. However,  opening them is truly a task. But to make it an easy-peasy thing, pocket knives come to your rescue. The robust pocket knives not just help you easily tear down the plastic but it also helps you in breaking down those bulky boxes.
  • Popping the Bottle Lids: Yes, you heard it right! You can also open a beer bottle with pocket knives. Whether you are at home or having a beer on a road journey, if you have a pocket knife, it’s easy to pop up that lid of the beer bottle. By simply pressing the blade on the underside, the pocket knives can save up the time of looking for a corkscrew or bottle opener.
  • Punching Holes To the Belt: Size up or size down, this is the story of everyone’s life. However, moving around in your loose trousers can surely make you look bad. If that’s the case, then simply grab that pocket knife and cut a new hole in your belt instead of purchasing a new one.
  • Separating Legos: Legos are a game for everyone these days. Even though it’s fun to play, it can be a pain to pull apart two blocks. But with the pocket knive, you can simply detach the two blocks very easily.


Outdoor Uses

  • Making Kindling: Pocket knives can be a true saviour when you need to build a fire using wet logs. With the help of a pocket knife you can cut small twigs and wood chips into a handy fire starter. This starter can help you further ignite the fire while you are on your adventure sport in the woods.
  • Sharpening Knives: A very easy and simple way of sharpening a blunt knife is by running it against a pocket knife.
  • Cutting Zip Tie: Even though zip ties work wonders for securing objects, they can be difficult to remove if they are tightened too much. If you are on the go and this has been the case, a handy robust pocket knife can easily cut through the zip tie.
  • Cutting Down Ropes: If you are on an adventure trip, then playing with ropes cannot be avoided. These ropes come into play to fit equipment, or to install your camping tent. If you are in the middle of something like this and searching for a knife to cut the rope then pocket knives come to your rescue.


Pocket knives are undoubtedly the most versatile tool that can be carried anywhere. They do not need large spaces in your backpacks and are of great help when you come across any of the aforementioned situations. However, having perfect pocket knive are equally essential. 


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