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In Bonita, California, Divino Plastic Surgery lawsuit is a reputable facility. It offers a comprehensive range of cosmetic face and body operations for the breasts, enabling patients to experience gorgeous, natural-looking bodies free from any indication of plastic surgery.

Nonetheless, the Medical Board has brought criminal charges of murder and falsely representing his qualifications against Dr. Carlos Chacon, the clinic’s plastic surgeon. Dr. Chacon’s chances to go on trial in April after entering a not guilty plea to all allegations. He is now prohibited from performing procedures, but he is still allowed to see patients as long as he complies with the court’s ruling.


Carlos Chacon, M.D. operated on Megan Espinoza at Divino Plastic Surgery, Inc. (Divino; Chacon and Divino are referred to together as Chacon when distinction is not essential). Chacon conducted an augmentation mammoplasty. Megan ended up in cardiopulmonary arrest during the procedure. Six weeks or so later, Megan passed away while still intubated and unresponsive.

What Dr. Chacon did at divino Plastic Surgery?

Megan’s spouse, Moises Espinoza, together with their two little children, filed a lawsuit for damages on October 21, 2019, targeting Chacon, Divino and Heather Lang, a registered nurse who provided support to Chacon during Megan’s operation. The Espinozas claimed that although Chacon had promised Megan that a licensed anesthesiologist would be present for the augmentation mammoplasty to monitor her and administer anesthesia, Chacon and Lang actually gave Megan multiple anesthetics without a license and neglected to keep an eye on her throughout the process. The Espinozas said that as a consequence, Megan entered cardiac arrest and that, despite Chacon and Lang giving her CPR for over three hours against her will, she never came to before passing away.

According to the complaint, the Espinozas accused of wrongful death resulting from medical malpractice, general negligence, battery, intentional misrepresentation, promissory fraud, neglectful misrepresentation, unfair competition (Bus. & Prof. Code, § 17200), and neglect of a dependent adult (Welf. & Inst. Code, § 15600 et seq.). Punitive damages were not addressed in the plea for relief or the counts pertaining to intentional deception and promissory fraud, which comprised charges of “malice, oppression, and/or fraud” as well as intent to hurt or conscious disregard of possible injury.

How did Megan Espinoza’s Died and the Manslaughter Charges:

Megan Espinoza’s demise is the most important event connecting to the Divino Plastic Surgery case. Ms. Espinoza had a standard breast augmentation operation at the clinic in 2018. She went into cardiopulmonary arrest during the procedure, which left her unconscious for weeks and ultimately caused her death.

Latest Update for Divino Plastic Surgery Clinic in 2024

Dr. Chacon will go on trial in April after entering a not guilty plea to all of the accusations. as of right now, under the judge’s decree. Although Dr. Chacon is unable to do procedures, he is still able to see patients.

The Medical Board has accused Dr. Chacon of falsifying his qualifications in addition to the murder allegations. According to the state government, Dr. Carlos Chacon misrepresented his board certification from two organizations on the website and in online promotion for his clinic. He did not, however, possess this qualification from any of the aforementioned organizations.

Lawsuit FAQs Regarding Divino Plastic Surgery

Who is Dr. Chacon San Diego?

Patients receive transformations from renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Carlos Chacon in San Diego. He works at the renowned Divino Plastic Surgery facility in Bonita, California.

Why was the report famous that Divino cosmetic Surgery’s cosmetic surgeons killing their patients?

In 2018, Megan Espinoza, a 36-year-old mother of two, passed just six weeks following a standard breast augmentation procedure. The plastic surgeon, Dr. Carlos Chacon, neglected to treat his patient appropriately.

Was Dr. Chacon found guilty in the case of Espinoza?

Dr. Chacon’s manslaughter charge was upgraded to second-degree murder in April of 2023. He has pleaded not guilty to the charges made against him.

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