Ask These 4 Questions When Looking to Board Your Pet Puppy

Pet Are you scheduled to leave the city for a couple of days and unsure about where to leave your dog until you return? 

Not being able to take your pet for the trip can be disheartening, and the thought of not having trusted people to leave it with while you are away can invite more stress. In times like these, you can consider leaving your precious fur baby in a pet boarding facility.

Leaving your furry little friend in a completely strange place can be risky; however, you can thoroughly check the background of a pet boarding service, inquire about its reliability, and make a brave but informed decision to hopefully keep your puppy safe during your absence.

Suppose you are a person who travels frequently; consider equipping your pet pooch with cheap dog insurance, at the least. Pet insurance is available in many levels of cover, so assess your canine pet’s health needs, your budget, and policy coverage before signing up for a pet plan.

Meanwhile, read this article to learn some essential questions you must ask yourself and the pet boarding service before booking a slot for your dog.

#1 Have you visited the facility? Taken a tour of it? 

It is essential to have a look around the facility. If the staff doesn’t allow you to tour the facility, it is a sign that you should be wary of the kind of service they offer and the intent of the boarding service. Suppose the management allows you to have a glimpse of their services; that would be ideal. Check if the kennels are spacious and maintained cleanly. Felt bad vibes during the tour? Don’t hesitate; just drop the dog boarder from your shortlist.

#2 Is there a limit on the number of dogs the facility boards on a particular day?

The number of dogs taken in should be limited. Also, check if there are one or more dogs in a kennel. Shared spaces can be cramped spaces and can invite unwanted troubles. Ask about the number of stand-alone and shared accommodations before deciding.

#3 Are there any opportunities for socialization?

Visit the boarding facility to check if there is a play area and if the puppies are using it. Many boarding services charge additionally to allow a puppy to go out and play or participate in time-bound group activities. Your puppy needs an outlet to burn the pent-up energy, finish its business, and socialize with other fur babies, so this is a question worth asking.

#4 How many active staff members are allocated?

Ideally, there should be one person for every ten dogs. This way, every puppy gets the attention it deserves, especially when there is a fight, health issue, or emergency.

Ensure the staff notifies you should such a thing happen. Another critical question that needs to be asked is if there is a vet on duty or available on call. Also, check if your puppy can be transported to your vet if your puppy falls sick. Be prepared ahead of time to tackle unplanned vet bills.

Pet insurance helps support your canine fur baby with timely medical help during unforeseen health circumstances and medical emergencies. Contemplate being prepared with cheap dog insurance in the least, so your little pupper has basic medical backup with little economic implications for you.


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