Nail Art Designs for Short Nails to make them Look Glamorous

You might have always considered yourself a lifelong member of the short-nail club and lived under the impression that nail art isn’t made for your nails. Not your fault because most long-tip nails were consistently used in bold, elaborate designs that went viral on Instagram or Pinterest. Long nails typically attract the most attention when it comes to nail art. However, just because you have short fingernails doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with them. In fact, certain nail art patterns almost seem to favour shorter lengths over longer ones. Don’t trust us? Thought so! That’s why we have searched rigorously on the Internet for the most striking short nail art designs you may have ever seen, and we were successful in finding them. Scroll down while we unfold the best nail art designs for short nails

Minimal Flower

No matter how big the nails are, flowery patterns are a sure thing. This quick nail art idea mixes boldness with modern design features. Simply paint tiny flowers on a middle finger after covering your nails in the hues of pastel nail polish. Lock the look with transparent nail paint to provide a coating of a glossy finish. This nail art style combines minimalism with quirkiness, it is easy to create and downright head-turning design

Pastel Hues

If you want to keep those nails on a simple and elegant tangent then, this is the best nail art for short nails. It is easy to create because all you need is different shades of colors and apply them according to your preference. There is no correct or incorrect way for executing this art. All you need is to ensure the application doesn’t go wrong. Cover the corners and apply the coats mindfully, don’t rush into adding the second coat, let the first coat dry and then go ahead with another coat.

Metallic Nail Polish

While leaf stencils pop out on contrast nails for a whimsical finish, the metallic green base lends to a festive vibe. Even while these leaves appear to be hand-painted, you can always choose stickers or unleash the inner artist inside you by drawing one. The green color accentuates the look of short nails by making them look attractive and beautiful. If you are not yet an expert at nail art, this is a good start for you. For a perfect finish pick the nail paints of SÉRY Celebration Collection Nail Polish, they have a magnificent array of attractive colors that stays up to 6 days and gives a high shine finish.

Fancy Palette

Checks and flowers with a dash of swirl are extremely gorgeous for short nails. Start by applying a coat of transparent nail paint and gather colors of your choice, ensuring they contrast and match with each other. Create an endless line of creativity and give each nail a unique dose of colourful joy. Along with adding length to fingers, the possible color combinations give ultimate beauty to those shot nails.

Colourful Bliss

When in doubt, go for this classic nail art. This is especially for people who have short nails and want to keep it simple and effortless. Gather the 5 shades of pastel colors and apply different color on each nail. For a truly ethereal look, this is the easiest and most eye-catching nail art. One of the trendiest nail art designs that suits every skin tone and nail type. If you want to add a little drama then put a mix of small embellishments, this will elevate the look with a touch of glamor.

Before doing any nail art or applying nail paint, ensure to do quick nail care. Cut, file and give them shape. To remove the cuticles dip your finger in a bowl of warm water and add salt, and lemon. Keep your finger dipped in it for 4-5 minutes, when the nail bed area becomes soft, take a cuticle remover and scrap them off. This will add a shine to the nails and your nail art will stand out more gracefully. To protect your nails from discolouring and becoming brittle choose nail paints that are infused with Almond Oil and Vitamin E and acetone-free nail polish remover because they are well-known to provide nourishment to the nails and retain nail health. Furthermore, keep applying moisturiser to your hands so that they are hydrated all day long.

Short nail club! No more being sad because you can slay irresistibly with those nails.

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