Common Moving Day Mistakes To Avoid

It can be exciting to move to a new home, but the actual process of moving home is not so fun. Moving day can be fraught, stressful, and often emotional. Additionally, things very rarely go exactly according to plan! It is a major upheaval moving all of your possessions from one place to another, and it is a process that is easy to make mistakes with. A few mistakes are more common than others, so it is useful to be aware of what these are so that you know how to avoid them. Read on to discover the mistakes you will want to avoid on moving day.


Last-Minute Packing


Perhaps the biggest mistake is leaving packing until the last minute. On moving day, you want to have everything packed up and ready to go. If you are still packing on moving day, you will feel rushed and stressed. This is why you should always start packing well in advance of the move and have everything ready on the day. 


Not Labeling Boxes & Neglecting An Inventory


You should also have labels on each box and keep an inventory of what is in each box. If you do not do this, you might move boxes into the wrong place when moving. Additionally, tracking all of your possessions can be harder when you do not have labeled boxes and an inventory. 


Forgetting To Take Measurements


You do not want to find that you are unable to move a large piece of furniture in on a moving day, as this can create a lot of stress and a challenge to solve. This is why you should always take measurements of doorways, hallways, and staircases ahead of time. You can then create a plan for any bulky or awkward items that might be hard to move into your new home. 


Not Getting Broadband Set Up


One of the most common mistakes made is not having internet set up for the day you move in. You do not want to get everything moved in and your furniture in place to find that you have no internet. After moving in, you will want to flop on the sofa and watch some Netflix, so you must set up your internet in advance. You can find a fiber internet provider in Los Angeles with speeds of up to 5 gigabits per second, no data caps, and 24/7 support. Having this set up on the day you move in or before will ensure that you can get online once you are moved in. 


Not Arranging Parking


Another classic mistake that people make is not arranging parking for the day of the move. Moving all of your possessions out of the home, into the van, and into the new home is hard enough, so you do not want to make it harder by having to walk a long distance. If you can, try reserving an area for the vehicle the night before outside your current home and outside the new one. 


Moving day will always be stressful, and it will likely not go exactly according to plan, but by being aware of these mistakes and how they can be avoided, you can improve your chances of a straightforward moving day. 

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