Cox – Bundle Of Joy! Here’s What You Need To Know About Cox Internet And TV Package

“Internet” has been a necessity for us, years ago it was considered a luxury but now a basic Cox need in every household. Users in US find it a bit difficult to choose what package or which service providers they need. Don’t worry. We got you!

Cox Internet has saved us, AGAIN and guess what, they announced their Bundle of Joy package where Cox is providing 2 brilliant services with different packages and plan, Let’s dive straight into their plan and the services they offer.

Cox Communication comes with 6 different packages to enhance the user experience and depending upon the usage of an individual.

Cox – Go Fast Standard 

Their first package which is the basic and standard package starts with just 54.99$ per month, but the services they include in this package will somehow make you think again if you’re not a Cox user. The standard package comes up with 100 Mbps download speed, up to 5 Mbps upload speed with over 1.25TB monthly data. Not just that, their plan includes Cox Contour Stream Player where users get access to apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, Disney+, Peacock, Discovery+ and much more, other perks include YouTube and movies on demand facility is also added in this package, sounds crazy, Right? Go Fast comes with No Term Agreement.

Cox – Go Faster 

Their second package which is better in terms of giving facilities to the users, starts with 74.99$ per month and the services they include in this package are amazing. Cox – Go Faster comes with 250 Mbps download speed and up to 10 Mbps upload speed with over 1.25TB monthly data. The package is perfectly suitable for HD streaming, social networking and home appliances and can connect in 5 devices. This Go Faster package also comes with Contour Stream Player with all the facilities as Go Fast. Their award-winning Voice Controlled Remote is included in every package. Go Faster also comes with No Term agreement.

Cox – Go Even Faster 

Cox, keeping the consumers and their needs in mind, if you play light games, then Go Even Faster is a package that you are going to love. Starting with 94.99$ per month, this package includes up to 500 Mbps download speed and around 10 Mbps upload speed with over 1.25TB monthly data. This package is suitable for gaming, video conferences and work from home won’t be a problem anymore because Cox got you covered. You can connect up to 7 devices and Contour Stream Player is nothing but a joy because Contour is also included in this package. Cox Go Even Faster comes with 1-year term agreement.

Cox – Go Super Fast

Starting with 114.99$, this package is a sigh of relief for high end gamers because the package comes with super-fast 1GB download speed and up to 35Mbps upload speed with over 1.25TB monthly data, WOAH. This package is perfect for gamers who want smooth experience because with this blazing speed, Cox makes sure you have the best gaming experience, and their download speed is even more than the 5G Home Internet Providers. This package also comes with Contour Stream Player. Go Super-Fast comes with 1-year term agreement.

Cox – Go Fast 

Starts with 148.99$, this package is sort of customized by Cox Communications as the package comes with 100Mbps download speed and around 5Mbps upload speed, suitable for browsing and playing light games but what will excite you the most is, the package comes with Contour TV Preferred where they give their users top popular channels like ESPN, HGTV, USA and facilities like Contour Box, 1 Started DVR service for 12 months and 140+ channels. WOW, Right?

Cox – Go Super Fast 

Starting with 208.99$, this package is the last and the most premium package offered by Cox Communication, the package is nothing but a deal breaker and should be availed immediately by high end users, who love gaming, video streaming because with over 1GB download spend and over 35Mbps upload speed, nothing seems impossible, but what makes this package more special. With this terrific speed, this package also comes with Contour TV Preferred. Crazy speed and entertainment.

Cox has variety of plans for everything, keeping the consumer’s usage in mind, what suits them is always their aim. Cox is serving more than 6 million people and still counting. The trust they’ve built in customers so far is what makes them superior to others.

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