What is a Leased Line?

If your business relies on strong internet connectivity and speed, a leased line is an excellent choice. Unlike standard broadband connections, leased lines are synchronous and guarantee symmetric download and upload speeds, which is ideal for cloud-based systems.

An internet leased line connects two locations for private data telecommunications, which is then rented from the service provider for a fixed monthly fee. It differs from standard broadband, which is shared with multiple users through a process known as contention.

How it works

leased line runs a dedicated data connection between your business premises and the internet service provider (ISP) data centre. This means it’s a private line solely for your use, which is a key differentiator from broadband connections that share their bandwidth with all the other local businesses and households trying to upload their latest Instagram video or play online games during peak times.

Leased lines are uncontended, which guarantees you a specific level of speed (for example, 1Gbps), which remains constant throughout the day. They are also symmetrical, which means your download and upload speeds remain equal, unlike traditional asymmetrical home options like ADSL, which often see upload speeds dramatically reduced in favour of high download speeds.

You can get a leased line delivered wirelessly via radio or over copper and fibre cables. The former is quicker to install, with lead times of 10-21 working days, compared with the 60-90 days it takes to lay fibre – which can be tricky in city centres where roads and pavements need digging up!


If you have an e-commerce business, or one that uses software as a service or complex application infrastructure then a leased line is worth exploring. They are a fast, reliable and secure option that will future proof your business by providing guaranteed speeds with no congestion or slowdown. This is because a leased line is synchronous meaning that both uploads and downloads will be at the same speed, which is not always the case with standard broadband.

A leased line will also be uncontended, so unlike your standard fibre connection, it won’t suffer from speed drops at peak times. This will be a huge benefit to businesses that are reliant on their connection to transfer data and operate online. You can get leased line speeds of up to 10Gbps, so it’s worth checking out the options to see what best suits your needs. For example, some suppliers offer free installation with certain packages or will cover construction charges.


A dedicated leased line connection is super-fast, removing the risk of a slow or patchy internet service. It is also a secure and reliable option. Unlike broadband connections such as ADSL, Fibre-to-the-Cabinet (FTTC), or fibre to the premises (FTTP) which share bandwidth with many users, leased lines are uncontended and can only be used by your business.

The symmetrical upload and download speeds offer an ideal solution for businesses who regularly send large files or use cloud-based services. They are also cost-effective, offering a range of bandwidth options for different budgets and capacity requirements.

Businesses should always check that their provider offers a service level agreement that focuses on high availability and quick response times. This way, even if you experience a leased line outage, your supplier will have you back up in no time. This is a crucial consideration for any business, especially those who rely on their internet connection for daily operations. To check your connectivity, ask a provider for a speed test of your leased line.


The security measures a leased line takes are not only extensive but built in to the connection itself. These include authentication, encryption, data integrity checks and access control.

The leased line itself is dedicated to your business meaning there are no other connections competing for bandwidth. You can also upgrade to higher speed packages as your needs change – without the need for major infrastructure changes.

In business, having a good internet connection is essential. It helps to improve team efficiencies, speeds up communication and accelerates collaboration. So, when your connectivity is interrupted, it can have a knock-on effect resulting in slower work or lost productivity. With a leased line you can avoid these issues with high download capacity, guaranteed speed, resilience and security as standard. You can also add firewalls and specialist routers to your leased line package for additional security.


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