Helping Your Teen Settle into Their First Place on Their Own

Although it may be a sad day for you, it will most certainly be a happy and exciting day for your teen. Moving out into their own place is a big move to make, and you will need to be there for them throughout their learning curve – even when they think they can go it alone.

Of course, there are some particularly big areas where mom and dad’s help is essential, and not only will you be doing right by your teen, but it will also help with your peace of mind.

#1 Help them with the move

You will no doubt have to donate your vehicle and your assistance for the day of the big move. Going in convoy to the new address and fetching and carrying furniture and boxes of essential nesting materials will come in useful, especially if your teen has accumulated a lot of possessions and furniture from friends and family members. 

Of course, you will probably have to assist with the first deep clean of the new home, although it is likely that your teen will want to unbox alone, so your help will not be required at that point. However, providing food (or at least paying for takeout) before leaving will no doubt be expected and thoroughly enjoyed.

#2 Ensure their landlord has completed all repairs 

It is likely that there was a snagging list drawn up when the property was first visited and the tenancy agreed upon. This is a list of repairs or work that the landlords should deal with, such as any general maintenance that needs to be carried out before your teen moves in. When you first get to the property, you should ensure that the snagging list has been completely dealt with. 

If it has not, it may be that the landlord has forgotten or hasn’t gotten around to having the work completed. This is when you may need the help of a lawyer to step in and get the landlord to fulfill their responsibilities. Lawyers in this field, like, will help with landlord disputes to ensure that you get the best possible outcome. This will educate you (and your teen) on your rights as tenants and ensure that the landlord fulfills their end of the bargain. 

It is important that you obtain legal representation from a lawyer acting in the state where the property is, as they will know the laws and regulations of that state better than any other; the last thing you want is your teen moving to a property that is considered less than fit for occupation because you haven’t enlisted the help of the right attorney.

#3 Help them set up utilities and other bills

Before you leave, though (and possibly before food is ordered from your local takeout store), you will have to help your teen with setting up their utilities to ensure that they will be warm enough and have hot running water. 

Helping them set up regular payments in the form of a standing instruction may also be a good idea, as it will mean that the payments happen regardless of whether they remember or not – as long as there are funds in the account. 


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